Produced by Roger Mirams and Paramount Pictures

Created by: Roger Mirams, Ron McLean and Brian Wright
Producer: Roger Mirams
Paramount Production Executive: Bruce Gordon
Associate Producer: Ron McLean
Directors: David Baker, Howard Rubie, Ron Way, and Terry Bourke
Writers: Ron McLean, Peter Schreck, Ralph Petersen, Terry Bourke, and Ted Roberts
Original music by: Brian Rangott and Geoff Harvey

Premiere: Thursday, August 26, 1971 (42 episodes)

As the battle of WWII fiercely continued into 1942, placing a great strain on Allied Forces, an empowered Japanese Army swept through the South Pacific towards the Australian mainland. Sensing an immediate threat of invasion, civilian planters were enlisted and joined commissioned soldiers to form highly trained espionage teams known as SPYFORCE, supervised by Allied Headquarters back in Australia. Surrounded by imminent danger, these men were directed into classified sabotage operations deep behind enemy lines throughout the Pacific area to aid the Allied war effort.
Jack ThompsonErskine
Peter SumnerGunther Haber
Redmond PhilipsColonel Cato
Katy WildLieutenant French
Bill HunterCaptain Pollock
Stuart FinchCaptain Bergen
Max CullenBarrow
Arna-Maria WinchesterJill Stewart
Nick TateMatt Parsons


~ Episodes ~

01The General22The Doctor
02Death Railway23The Major
03Portuguese Man Of War24The Lovers
04The Prisoner25The Chase
05The Bridge26The Diplomat
06The Trader27The District Commissioner
07The Escape28The Troupers
0827 Hours29The Encounter
09The Volunteers (Part 1)30The Breakout
10The Volunteers (Part 2)31The Interrogator
11The Countess32The Raiders
12The Cripple33The Forger
13The Assassin34The Correspondent
14The Tunku35The Double Agent
15The Gunner36The Misfits
16The Saviour (Part 1)37The Mission
17The Saviour (Part 2)38The Journey
18The Samurai39The Decoy
19The Bunker40The Murder
20Reilley's Army41The Trail
21The Courier42The Rolls That Went To War

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