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About the series

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Sit Down, Shut Up follows the lives of eight teachers and a mute at Carpen Heights Secondary College.

Inconvenienced by the students, and irritated by each other, the staff consistently place their own personal agendas and problems ahead of the students' educational needs. They are, in fact, the faces of the modern educational system. Indeed, in keeping with contem-porary educational policy, the students in Sit Down, Shut Up never speak and are rarely seen. They are a faceless mass, innocent victims, pawns in a bloody game of power.

The focus of the series is the staffroom. It is there, behind the frosted glass, that we see the real personalities of the teachers. Out come the petty insecurities and prejudices, the complaints, the jealousies, the desires, the unrequited love.

With the Principal permanently absent, the reins are held tightly by an ambitious and ruthless Vice Principal. She faces a constant struggle to keep a disinterested and predominantly under-qualified staff together. She is rarely successful. The reality is the fortune of the school more often than not revolves around the performance and attitude of the school maintenance man. A malevolent figure, shrouded in mystery and the leaves of the playground, he refuses to speak, kowtows to the teachers while despising the students. Despite this, he still manages to influence the lives of everyone at Carpen Heights.


Brendan Reed is seen on the Comedy Channel as the lead in The Secret Life of Me, Who's Stefan O'Shaunessy, Introducing Garry Petty and as a stand up in Home Grown Comedy.

Tim McLoughlan has been seen on the Comedy Channel as one of the leads in The Secret Life of Me, Who's Stefan O'Shaunessy and Introducing Gary Petty. Over the years Tim has also dabbled in radio, both as a writer and performer.

Executive Producer

Peter Herbert's comedy credits include The Comedy Company and Acropolis Now. He believes there might be a laugh or two in the new millennium.


Doug MacLeod has won lots of metal and perspex things for his work on shows such as Fast Forward, Big Girl's Blouse and The Micallef Programme.


Marc Gracie recently produced the extremely popular, though thoroughly unpronounceable, comedy movie, The Craic.