Executive Producer: Alan Burke
Director: Carl Schultz
Writer: Peter Yeldham
Composer: Arnold Butcher

Aired: 1979 (ABC)

The story of a strong-minded young woman growing up in the 1930s - a time when Australia was just emerging from the Depression years and news of dark events in Europe were mere echoes from a different world. The story spans eight years in the life of Shannon Jones as she develops from country girl to mature woman. Neither her simple farming family nor her eccentric aunt in a nearby town can give scope for her enquiring mind. Leaving behind the country, she starts an new life in Sydney where she embraces new philosophies and experiences in a growing city eagerly finding its own identity in a changing era. The consequences are challenging and unpredictable. Based on the novel by Kylie Tennant (4 x 52min)
Liddy ClarkShannon Jones
Noni HazlehurstBeryl
Warwick SimsDamien Quilter
Peter CarrollMervyn Leggatt
Barbara WyndonAunt Edith
Henri SzepsVincent Sladder
Michael AitkensJohn Terry
Moya O'SullivanAda Jones
John BluthalJoseph Litchin
Ron GrahamDarcy Jones
Don CrosbyGeorge Benson

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