Real Stories: episode guide

Episode 1.01

Australia: August 22, 2006 (Ten)

Tonight on Real Stories... an inner city scurge, out streets swarming with illegal accountants... the man recruiting and training the very best paperboys... and we meet a compassionate Aussie legend caring for the needy when no one else will.

Featuring: Peter Helliar, et al

Episode 1.02

Australia: August 29, 2006

Tonight on Real Stories... two inventive undertakers who are putting the fun back into funerals... the modern day Noah who believes that God has told him to build an ark and get two of every animal... a young man who has been at home, grounded, for the past 15 years... and newly graduated police cadets run riot across the Gold Coast for "policeys" week.

Featuring: Alison Whyte, Anita Smith, Camille Border, Esme Melville

Note: Esme Melville's last TV role. She died September 14, 2006 at age 88

Episode 1.03

Australia: September 05, 2006

Tonight, more things on Real Stories... we find out Jesse Martin, the youngest yachtsman to ever solo circumnavigate the globe, was not alone... New Zealand's desperate water wasting campaign... we pay tribute to Ben Blunt, the best ever TV crime reenactor... and the most controversial fan club in Australia.

Featuring: Jesse Martin, Alan Brough, Samantha Tolj, Jeremy Kewley, Glenda Linscott, Sandra Lackas, Stephen Hannah, Xavier Ryan, Glenys Tatti, Joshua Allen, Ben Anderson, Cameron Lee, Rebecca Malavindi, Mark Nussbaum, Jess Harris

Episode 1.04

Australia: September 12, 2006

Tonight on Real Stories... we reveal that celebrity home made sex tapes are actually slick productions... the radical operation to transform dog to man, all in the name of love... could a boardgame become a new Commonwealth Games event... and, are we giving too much money to traffic light window washers.

Featuring: Cassandra McGrath, Blair McDonough, Steve Oemcke, Christine Keogh

Episode 1.05

Australia: September 19, 2006

Tonight on Steal Rories... we meet Bob Hagen, the powerful critic who reviews religious sermons... the man who didn't think he needed to forward a chain email—innocent Aussie or dickhead?... and in a bold move, Tasmania's Minister for Justice, Ted Bronson, has legalised crime... and the town that spent a whole year in silent remembrance.

Featuring: Rove McManus, Juan Medinger, Hrisanthi Tomaszewski, Fiona Todd

Episode 1.06

Australia: September 26, 2006

Tonight on Real Stories... the man making Australia's next cinematic blockbuster, Hey Dad…! The Movie... we go inside the Australian Institute of Sayings... and also, questions are raised over the authenticity of a newly discovered Shakespeare musical, The King Hath Farted.

Featuring: Steven Curry, Nicholas Bell, Serena Cottle, Julie Forsythe

Episode 1.07

Australia: October 03, 2006

Tonight on Real Stories... hit renovation show Backyard Makeover is in trouble over an ambitious building plan... the youth are at risk again, struggling with their addiction to skill-testers... and an aspiring comedian who does fat jokes, but he's not fat, and it's no joke... and a shocking revelation about the newest trend at call centres.

Featuring: Tony Martin, Dave O'Neil, Carrie Baker,

Episode 1.08 (finale)

Australia: October 10, 2006

Tonight on Real Stories... a lesson for all of us, always check the finer details when buying a Russian bride... one of Australia's richest businessmen paying joke writers to make him the "funny guy"... and, no parent want their child to sing choir, it's nerdy and embarrasing, but these kids refuse to stop.

Featuring: Catherine McClements, Francis Greenslade, Leonore Romensky