Creators: Nathan Earl, Glen Condie
Supervising Producer: Georgie Lewin
Executive Producer: Glen Condie
Writers: Nathan Earl, Joshua Tyler
Producer: Nathan Earl
Director: Nathan Earl

Aired: 2014, 2015 (Eleven, Stan)

A satirical comedy series following the trials and tribulations of a small television crew as they try to produce a unique, engaging and credible wine program... and failing miserably along the way. Originally produced as five online webisodes which were edited to produce three television episodes.
Chris TaylorChris Taylor
Joshua TylerJoshua Tyler
Nathan EarlNathan Earl
Glen CondieGlen Condie
Georgie LewinGeorgie Lewin
Angus MortonAngus Morton
Don BarkerHerb
Catherine FitzgeraldDagmar
Jennifer WongJen
cast photo

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