Pig’s Breakfast: episode guide

The Aliens Have Landed

Episode 1.01

An alien Space school Bus crashed behind a TV station. The aliens create mayhem on the station's kids' TV show when they attempt to abduct Rodney and the audience love it.

Down To Earth

Episode 1.02

Grob and Meeba get a job on Kids Breakfast and it's up to Rodney and Lucy Green to run the show by remote control.

Happy Families

Episode 1.03

Grob and Meeba are homesick and visit the Greens, meeting Rodney and Lucy's parents for the first time.

Alien Host

Episode 1.04

Grob and Meeba's true identity could be exposed when Malcolm, the newsreader, stumbles into the space bus and comes face to eye with Queegle.


Episode 1.05

Grob and Meeba are ripped off when they sign their contracts with Kids Breakfast. Lucy must become their manager to get them a fair deal.


Episose 1.06

It's not a pretty sight when aliens and humans get sick with each other's diseases. And Grob with a cold is disgusting.


Episose 1.07
Saturday 26 January

Pratt and Phillip join forces to do a bit of detective work when they try to find out Grob and Meeba's true identity.

Acting Adult

Episose 1.08

Lucy and Rodney think it's time Grob and Meeba started acting like adults but teaching aliens the ways of human grown-ups is not easy.


Episose 1.09

Everyone is frightened of something and Grob is enjoying scaring everyone.

Love Smells

Episose 1.10

Meeba makes an Eban love potion and everyone falls in love with everyone else, with some hilarious results.


Episode 1.11

Philip tries to get Grob and Meeba the Tit For Tat sack from Kids Breakfast by making them look bad.

Happy Vat Day

Episode 1.12

The space bus is fixed but take off doesn't go according to plan. To make the homesick Grob feel better Lucy and Rodney throw a birthday party and Philip sees a chance to prove Grob and Meeba are aliens.

Bully For You

Episode 1.13

Shorty, the school bully, picks on Rodney when he becomes a popular regular on Kids Breakfast. To keep the peace Rodney offers Shorty his job on the show.

The Monster Pimple

Episode 1.14

When Lucy gets a pimple Queegle tries to create an alien cure but instead he creates a giant pimple that wreaks havoc throughout the station.

Truth And Lies

Episode 1.15

Lucy uses Queegle's truth ray to help her win the school council election only to discover that the truth sometimes hurts.

Artificial Intelligence

Episode 1.16

Queegle soups up Rodney's computer with the latest in alien technology, an artificial intelligence.

No More Mr Nice Guy

Episode 1.17

Rodney is sick of being Mr Nice Guy. The new rude 'Rod' tells Philip about the aliens and puts their future at risk.

The Age Of Rodney

Episode 1.18

Rodney takes medicine that is meant for Grob with the most amazing results. The more mature Rodney is able to help his father.

Zombie Mind Slave from Planet Earth

Episode 1.19

Grob sees Boris the performing dog and wants to take him back to the space bus. Instead of getting a pet, Grob becomes one.

Queegle's Big Day Out

Episode 1.20

Queegle is bored with life in the space bus. He wants to get out and experience life on Earth so Rodney takes him to the TV station, pretending he is a doll.

I'm the Boss

Episode 1.21

Lucy's success with Kids Breakfast is going to her head and she manages to upset everyone, including Grob and Meeba.

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Episode 1.22

When Rodney is sacked from Kids Breakfast he uses an alien robot to make Philip disappear.

Face Off

Episode 1.23

Sue Green has had enough of Grob and Meeba. She forbids Rodney and Lucy to see them until they apologise in person—out of their suits.

Guest Stars: Tania Lacy, Stig Wemyss and Justin Lehmann

To Catch a Thief

Episode 1.24

Philip accuses Grob of stealing a computer game. To prove his innocence, Lucy, Rodney, Queegle, Grob and Meeba become private investigators.

Guest Stars: Justin Lehmann

Queegle's Mutiny

Episode 1.25

When Rodney prepares food for Queegle using earthly ingredients the consequences are devastating. Queegle plans to invade Earth and only Pratt can stop him.

Shock Horror

Episode 1.26

Lucy gets the job as editor of the school newspaper and Rodney becomes a special reporter with the television news service, saving the school from closure.

Only Acting

Episode 1.27

Rodney, Lucy, Grob and Meeba decide to create their own soapie for Kids Breakfast with Queegle as the writer.


Episode 1.28

Grob invents an imaginary friend when everyone is too busy to play with him. Guest stars Howard Stanley, also stars Jeremy Hopkins.

Cousin Jane

Episode 1.29

Cousin Jane comes to stay with Rodney and Lucy which could mean the end.

Hey, Hey We're the Aliens

Episode 1.30

Rodney, Meeba and Philip want to form a band but they are terrible. With a little bit of help from Queegle they become an overnight sensation—but their new talents won't last foreve

To Di For

Episode 1.31

Love blossoms between Malcolm and Di—and nobody is pleased.

Trouble with Time

Episode 1.32

Rodney makes a fool of himself and wants to turn back time.

Race Around Kid's Breakfast

Episode 1.33

The aliens could be exposed when Mr Howard's niece comes to the station to make a student film.

Guest Stars: Gary Files and Monica Maughan.


Episode 1.34

Grob, Meeba and Queegle shrink—finding themselves trapped inside an empty soft drink can.

Alien Home Alone

Episode 1.35

Rodney, Lucy, Grob and Meeba are left alone for the weekend when Sue and Martin go to a school reunion and Queegle goes to a tropical island.

Grob's Clan Club

Episode 1.36

Grob is homesick. He is missing out on the Gruntfest when young Urgles join the Great Clan of Yob.

Plaaag Attacks

Episode 1.37

A violent warrior from the planet Plaag arrives on Earth as a forward scout. Someone will have to save Earth.

The Switcheroo

Episode 1.38

Martin is sure he will lose his job when $1,000 goes missing. How can Rodney tell his father that Grob ate it?

The Competition

Episode 1.39

Rodney tries to rig a Kids Breakfast competition so he can have a date with Marguerite.


Episode 1.40

Lucy falls for the new boy at school and won't hear a word said against him—even when Meeba and Rodney try and explain her new love is only using her to do his homework.

The Naked Truth

Episode 1.41

Queegle's truth ray comes in very handy exposing the man who wants to take all the fun out of Kids Breakfast.

Guest star: Kym Gyngell


Episode 1.42

Grob is going crazy and taking everyone else with him when he goes on a diet.

Guest star: Geoff Jansz

Psychic Meeba

Episode 1.43

Meeba can predict the future, but Lucy and Rodney make it look as though Philip is the one with the psychic powers.

Clean Up Your Act

Episode 1.44

A new producer takes over Kids Breakfast when Di is sick and she wants to change the show completely.

Guest Star: Denise Scott

Divide and Conquer

Episode 1.45

Philip is jealous of Grob and Meeba's fame when they are voted the most popular aliens on TV.


Episode 1.46

The space bus is going to explode and Grob is trapped. Rodney must save the day—or is it all just a dream?

The Bogies

Episode 1.47

It's TV's night of nights and only two members of the Kids Breakfast team can be nominated for an award—who will it be?

Scrambled Brains

Episode 1.48

A scientist is going to expose Grob, Meeba and Queegle and use them in laboratory experiments.

The Problem with Philip

Episode 1.49

Philip is sick of being the butt of everybody's jokes and will go to any lengths to make people be nice to him and become the star of the show again.

Who's Who

Episode 1.50

Confusion reigns when one of Queegle's alien inventions goes haywire. Everyone takes on someone else's personality!


Episode 1.51

Hollywood here we come! Grob, Meeba and Queegle are off to Hollywood and fame and fortune—without Rodney and Lucy.

Guest star: Paul Mercurio.

Suspended Animation Is Easy

Episode 1.52

The space bus is no closer to being repaired and Meeba is homesick so the others hatch a plan to make her think she is going home.


Episode 2.01 (53)
Tuesday, September 05, 2000

Grob, Meeba and Captain Quegle are captured by an alien bounty hunter.

The Grob with Four Brains

Episode 2.02 (54)
Wednesday, September 06, 2000

Queegle discovers Urgles have 4 brains. When Grob's four brains activate in quick succession we see him want to rule the Earth.

Secret Life of Families

Episode 2.03 (55)
Thursday, September 07, 2000

The green's family life is put under the microscope being videoed 24-hours a day.

Space Pirate TV

Episode 2.04 (56)
Friday, September 08, 2000

Fed up with their roles in Kidz Breakfast, Grob and Meeba quit. Together with Queegle and Rodney they come up with their own program—Kidz in Space.

The Walls Have Ears

Episode 2.05 (57)
Monday, September 11, 2000

Someone from Kidz Breakfast is passing information and secrets to the opposition.

Fly, Rodney, Fly!

Episode 2.06 (58)
Tuesday, September 12, 2000

Queegle is kidnapped after a live Kidz Breakfast and Rodney has an accident with a Fly!

Great Big Adventures

Episode 2.07 (59)
Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Sue and Lucy are trying to save the trees in the TV station's car park, while Martin, Rodney, Grob and Philip have a camping adventure in the bush.

The Dream Machine

Episode 2.08 (60)
Thursday, September 14, 2000

After dreaming of developing the back lot into Howard's Towers, Mr. Howard's dreams are turned into nightmares when Queegle builds a Dream Explorer machine.


Episode 2.09 (61)
Friday, September 15, 2000

The aliens experience life as humans when Meeba wants to go to Philip's masked ball.

Go For Broke

Episode 2.10 (62)
Monday, September 18, 2000

Rodney and Lucy's lives turn into a nightmare when Philip comes to stay.

True Romance

Episode 2.11 (63)
Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Love is in the air—and for aliens and humans alike true love never runs smooth.

Meeba’s Life on Earth

Episode 2.12 (64)
Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Meeba's questions leave everyone miserable when she makes a documentary on life on earth.

Loss & Rejection

Episode 2.13 (65)
Thursday, September 21, 2000

Grob and Phillip make a real odd couple when they become friends.

Tell Someone Who Cares

Episode 2.14 (66)
Thursday, September 22, 2000

Everyone is making fun of Rodney, but Queegle has a solution that leaves Rodney feeling no pain at all.

The Grim Gram

Episode 2.15 (67)
Monday, September 25, 2000

Another one of Queegle's plans to repair the spacebus goes wrong and he ends up bringing a strange alien to earth causing chaos.

Who Am I

Episode 2.16 (68)
Tuesday, September 26, 2000

A fall leaves Lucy with amnesia and believing that everyone are aliens—even her parents.

The Play Off

Episode 2.17 (69)
Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Mr Howard holds the annual obstacle gold playoff and everyone wants to win.

The Opposite of Meeba

Episode 2.18 (70)
Thursday, September 28, 2000

One of Queegle's devices changes everyone into their exact opposite and chaos reigns.

It's the Thought that Counts

Episode 2.19 (71)
Friday, September 29, 2000

Rodney discovers that knowing everyone's thoughts isn't such a great thing.

Show Me The Money

Episode 2.20 (72)
Sunday, October 01, 2000

Queegle needs money to repair vital parts on the Spacebus so they can go home.

With Friends Like These

Episode 2.21 (73)
Saturday, October 07, 2000

Rodney takes an alien drink to build up his strength—with bizarre consequences.

Queen For a Day

Episode 2.22 (74)
Sunday, October 08, 2000

Meeba becomes Queen of her planet and brainwashes everyone to obey her every command—and it all goes wrong.

Lose a Sister & Gain a Friend

Episode 2.23 (75)
Saturday, October 14, 2000

Philip takes some advice on friendship and Lucy takes lessons in being a producer—and they both still have a lot to learn.

Monkey Business

Episode 2.24 (76)
Sunday, October 15, 2000

An alien substance has some hair-raising results.


Episode 2.25 (77)
Saturday, October 21, 2000

Rodney becomes the first boy in space—but how will he and Meeba get back to earth?

Anything’s Possible

Episode 2.26 (78—finale)
Sunday, October 22, 2000

Di is back from Hollywood and the aliens are about to go home.