Produced by BBHTV Production
in association with ScreenWest and The Lotteries Commission of Western Australia

Creators: Bruce Best and Ro Hume
Producers: Bruce Best, Tom Blackett, Ro Hume
Directors: Adrian Holmes, Andrew Lewis, James Bogle
Writers: Ro Hume, Sarah Rossetti, Peter Bibby, Ron Elliott, Paul Bennett, Alicia Walsh

Aired: February 2003 (Ten)

Trent and Dylan Steadman are typical big city kids so when their mother packs them off to a small town to live with their father, life threatens to become pretty grim. Sure enough, things are a hundred times worse than even they imagined — and the local kids seem even fiercer than the unfamiliar wildlife. When Trent believes an old pearler who tells him the mystery of the Ocean Star, a priceless cluster of pearls he claims he lost when his pearling lugger was sunk in a cyclone forty years before, the locals give him a hard time. But Trent's persistence eventually wins them over, and together the kids embark on a quest that takes them through the untamed paradise that is the outback — a quest that will turn out to be more exciting, difficult and dangerous than any of them ever anticipated. (13 x 24min)
Graeme BlundellClive 'Swampy' Marsh
Rob CarltonReg Davies
Jason SmithDylan Steadman
Jared DaperisTrent Steadman
Sage ButlerKarla Davies
Brooke CallaghanGemma Carruthers
Joshua BrennanLeo Morgan
Mark Coles Smith'Spider' Webb
Kai Kamada-LawsSusi Fujiwara
Kate RiceCaitlin Carruthers
Andrew LewisGrant Steadman
Rohanna AngusBronwyn Michaels
Penny ArrowDenise Bennett
group photo

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