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Nowhere Boys: Two Moons Rising

When tech-nerd and sci-fi fanatic Luke (Kamil Ellis), a tech-nerd, arrives for his first day at Bremin High all appears to be tiresomely ordinary, but what he doesn't know is that Bremin is located at the convergence of magical ley lines and that someone has been awaiting his arrival to put together a new gang of Nowhere Boys. Three other Nowhere Boys have already been identified; 'bad boy' Heath (Joe Klocek) high achiever and soccer star, Nicco (Luca Sardelis) and musical theatre geek Jesse (Jordie Race-Coldrey).

Coinciding with Luke's arrival, the people of Bremin start disappearing. Doubly peculiar is that, not only are they disappearing, but they're being wiped from everyone's memory and only the Nowhere Boys have noticed! Eventually Luke, Heath, Nicco and Jesse discover they are the last four people in the world. They find themselves thrust together in an eerily empty wasteland, forced to figure out how to save the town.

The New Boy

Episode 3.01
Fri, November 11, 2016
Written by Giula Sandller
Produced by Beth Frey
Directed by Rowan Woods

It's Luke first day at Bremin High. His mum is the new acting vice-principal and there is a lot at stake as the family hopes to make Bremin their permanent home. The day is off to a strange start as Luke sees über cool Heath carrying two chickens into the school, then nearly gets hit in the head with a soccer ball by the queen of the soccer team and all round academic super star, Niccolina 'Nicco' Pandelis. In the quadrangle Luke is met by Principal Bates who ropes Ben into showing Luke around. Luke soon realises that Ben is the school outsider and lacks any discernible social skills. In the school corridor Luke witnesses Jesse, budding star of stage and screen, and Brooklyn, the school's most popular, having a fight. It becomes clear to Luke that while Ben has a massive crush on Brooklyn, he has mistaken Brooklyn's politeness for a reciprocal attraction.

Over the day Luke witnesses Ben's perceived humiliation by Principal Bates and is surprised when Brooklyn, trying to make Heath jealous, asks Luke out. All of this is par for the course for a new kid starting out in yet another new school, but the day becomes weird when Principal Bates disappears and no one seems to remember him, and weirder still when his mother seems to have replaced Bates as the new Principal. When Brooklyn and Peta also disappear, Luke discovers Heath, Jesse and Nicco also remember Bates and the girls, and they resolve to investigate. However, before they get too far there is a flash of white light and the gang find themselves in a strange version of Bremin — one where they appear to be the only people left in the world.

Starring: Kamil Ellis as Luke, Joe Klocek as Heath, Jordie Race-Coldrey as Jesse, Luca Sardelis as Nicco, William McKenna as Ben

With: Darci McDonald as Ellen, Nicholas Coughlan as Mr Bates, Shareena Clanton as Sonia, Tony Briggs as Brett, Tegan Higginbotham as Quinn, Laura Grady as Brooklyn, Charmaine Chu as Peta, Stella Carroll as Kayla, Damian Hill as Stuart, Louise Crawford as Katrina, Georgia Bolton as Coach Jane, Elle Mandalis as Anna, Finley van de Wall as Claudia, Francesca Waters as Yia Yia, Stanley Ritz as Shop Attendant, Youssef Sabet as Ali, Liam Mollica as Warren, Darren Mort as Jesse's Father, Carissa Mcallen as Jesse's Mother, Jamie Oxenbould as Radio DJ

What Happened To Bremin?

Episode 3.02
Fri, November 11, 2016
Written by David Hannam
Directed by Rowan Woods

Back in Empty Bremin — a freaked out Luke, Nicco, Heath and Jesse comb the streets of Bremin for any sign of life. Phones aren't working, power isn't on, and water isn't running. Could this be the result of an alien abduction, zombie attack, a nuclear apocalypse, or a town-wide evacuation they somehow failed to hear? They head off in different directions, desperate to find parents and loved ones. But they're in for a nasty shock — Jesse's sister is gone and his home is for sale, and Nicco and Heath can't find any evidence that they ever existed! Strangest of all is Luke's house. When he left everything was still in boxes — but it's now fully furnished and looks like they've been living there for quite some time. Nicco heads off to school where she ransacks the Principal's office, but is unwilling to tell Heath what she's looking for.

Meeting back at the local store the cracks begin to show. Luke's sci-fi references are getting on everyone's nerves, Jesse's relentless positivity has to be an act, Heath thinks Nicco is a stress-head and Nicco thinks Heath's bad boy act is not going to impress anyone in this post-apocalyptic nightmare. They go off to their respective homes, but it's very creepy being alone and Nicco's sure that someone is watching her. A very spooked gang meets back at the quad in the school where Heath has lit a signal fire and the gang put aside their differences. The next day they form a plan — get a car and drive to the next town. After driving to the lookout to see if they can spot anyone in the town, the gang return to find the car sabotaged and Nicco's bag stolen — they're definitely not alone. Taking shelter in the school, Nicco feels put upon by the boys. In frustration she admits she cheated on the chemistry test. But her confession is interrupted when they are attacked by human-shaped wild winds made up of mysterious dark particles.

With: Darci McDonald as Ellen

We Are Not Alone

Episode 3.03
Fri, November 18, 2016
Written by Kris Mrksa
Directed by Rowan Woods

In the Empty World, the gang are living off junk food and Jesse is not looking very well — he has a secret. He has diabetes and he's down to his last insulin pen. Nicco knows about his medical history, but Jesse, who can't stand the idea of being indebted to her, won't accept any help. Similarly, he doesn't want to tell the rest of the gang because he wants to fit in. Unfortunately, the one place Jesse may be able to get insulin is the chemist, but it's locked tight. Knowing Jesse needs to have fresh water and not sugary drinks, Nicco orchestrates a trip to the Bremin River. At the river the gang find the hideout and it becomes clear someone has been living there — someone who has a book of magic spells and scrapbooks of strange events that never happened in the gang's world. Luke lands on the idea that maybe the gang has been transported to an alternate reality — this is not their Bremin!

Meanwhile, someone is lurking in the shadows stalking our gang. As Luke and Jesse test to see if there's a portal in the convenience store where they first disappeared, they spot the stalker and chase him down. It is Ben, — a very dishevelled Ben — seemingly transported to this Empty World along with the gang. The gang is suspicious, but when Ben works out how to get into the chemist, thus saving Jesse from a diabetic incident, they begin to trust him. Jesse and Nicco talk and it looks like the relationship will begin to mend. However, late at night Jesse sees Ben quietly leave the library. Ben is being lead by a translucent glowing representation of his grandfather. Jesse follows Ben and finds him in the secret lair. Ben has a lot of explaining to do.

With: Tiger Willow Ofosu-Amaah as Football Girl, Dennis Coard as Grandpa

The Gang Find Magic

Episode 3.04
Fri, November 25, 2016
Written by Rhys Graham
Directed by Rowan Woods

In the Empty World, Heath wakes to find Ben and Jesse gone. Fresh with the memory of last night's encounter with the dark matter, the gang arm themselves to go in search. They find Ben and Jesse in the secret lair and are amazed to find that not only is there a secret room inside the school, but it's full of magic books. Ben, who's read the books previously, tells them that for magic to work you need four elemental identities.

To work out if they are these elements they try a spell and are surprised when it seems to work. But then things go horribly wrong creating an earthquake. The gang are completely freaked out — coming down to earth in the science room, they flick through magic books from the lair, and come across Felix's Book of Shadows. They realize that the Bremin Four, the original Nowhere Boys, also jumped to an alternate reality, confirming Luke's theory. But as they scour the Book of Shadows to find a way to get home they are dismayed to find the dimensional return spell is missing. All is not lost as Jesse finds the same spell in the book they found in the hideout.

To do the spell everyone must put in their heart's desire — Nicco's soccer trophy, Ben's photo of his granddad, Jesse's audition form for a talent show, Luke's keys to the family home and Heath puts in his swimsuit magazine. When the spell fails it becomes clear that Heath's heart's desire is not the magazine, but Brooklyn, who has disappeared. The gang work out Brooklyn may also have been transported to the Empty World.

At Brooklyn's house they miss Brooklyn and Peta, who have taken a car and are heading to the next town. However, luck is on their side as they find the girls broken down just out of town. They try to explain themselves to the girls, but the girls think they're mad. Just as Brooklyn and Peta are about to leave the dark matter attacks their car. Heath rescues Brooklyn and together the gang all say a protection spell which wards off the Mega Demon. Dazed and confused, the gang is distracted by the sound of an engine approaching. Fearful and confused they look up to see a Bremin school bus coming over the hill.

With: Nicholas Coughlan as Mr Bates, Laura Grady as Brooklyn, Charmaine Chu as Peta, Youssef Sabet as Ali

Bates To The Rescue

Episode 3.05
Fri, December 02, 2016
Written by Giula Sandller
Directed by Sian Davies

In the empty world, the gang are on the bus with Bates, keen to get away from the scene of the attack. Bates rationalises their story of the particle attack as severe weather and the kids are happy to let him take charge. But Luke spots Sonia by the side of the road. He calls out for Bates to stop and the bus screeches to a halt. Luke dives off, but there's no sign of Sonia anywhere. When they get back on the bus it won't start. As they walk back into town, Ben still wants to do the Dimensional Return Spell and Heath plucks a hair from Brooklyn's head. Brooklyn is furious, and in an attempt to smooth things over, Luke blurts out Heath needed her hair because she's his heart's desire. Heath's mortified and Luke finds himself on the outer.

Finally, Bates leads them to their destination — Bremin High School. This is where they belong. Bates explains he has a theory — if they act normal, then everything will be normal. Perception is reality. They begrudgingly agree to give it a chance as Bates brings them into the classroom and assigns science class work. Bates sends Ben to get some notebooks and when he doesn't return, Jesse goes after him. He hears Ben talking to someone, and we see it's his dead Grandpa, but when Jesse turns the corner, Ben is alone.

Returning to class Jesse tells Bates someone's in his office and when Bates is gone they start planning their next move. But Bates has locked the door. Luke pulls a grate away from a heating duct in the wall and crawls inside, Peta following. As Bates returns the others try to cover for the missing kids. But when Bates realises Peta and Luke are gone, he is furious. He locks the door again to go in search of them.

Meanwhile, Peta wants to help the other kids escape, but Luke is focused on finding his mother. Luke leaves, but he's unaware he's being followed by Grandpa, who morphs into Sonia and tells Luke to help his friends.

Back in the classroom, the rest of the gang see a darkening, ominous storm out the window, and Heath decides Luke's plan was a good one after all — escape via the ducts. But only Nicco and Heath make it out before Bates returns, increasingly unstable. In the ducts, Nicco and Heath argue over which way to go and end up mistakenly circling back to the science classroom. And back to Bates.

Luke returns and together with Peta, they rig a fire and set off the fire alarm, which forces Bates to unlock the classroom door. As the kids make a run for it, the strange dark force menaces Bates and the gang save him with a spell. They bring Bates out onto the oval with them and they recite the dimensional return spell to take them home.

With: Nicholas Coughlan as Mr Bates, Shareena Clanton as Sonia Jarra, Dennis Coard as Grandpa, Laura Grady as Brooklyn, Charmaine Chu as Peta

Are We Home Yet?

Episode 3.06
Fri, December 09, 2016
Written by David Hannam
Directed by Sian Davies

The gang are on the oval having just been transported from the Empty World — it's a busy school day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and our gang couldn't be happier.

Each of the gang members goes their own way. Now home they want to resume their lives as quickly as possible. Everything is going well for most of the gang — Jesse's musical "Lost In The Forest, The Story of The Bremin Four" is about to go on; Heath's mum is having Brooklyn over for dinner and Brooklyn seems to have forgotten that she hates him and Luke's dad seems to have stepped up and taken responsibility.

Nicco however is having a different experience — all her dreams have not come true. She seems to have unknowingly quit the football team and the coach is giving her no second chances. Needing to talk about it, Nicco goes to Jesse and then Heath, but both boys are preoccupied with their perfect lives. She then calls Luke — is everything okay at his house? But Luke is reluctant to acknowledge a problem.

The next day at school, Nicco realises the strange world has something to do with the spell they did. She explains her theory to the others, but they're reluctant to question their new improved lives — that is until they see Brooklyn and Peta glitch. Something is definitely wrong.

They split up, looking for Ben, and when Nicco and Luke go to his house something strange happens. Their vision of the house also glitches, but this time it's much more severe. Needing to find Ben, the gang rush to the lair. Nicco searches Felix's Book of Shadows and finds the Scrying Pool spell. Through it they see Ben (EW) back in the Empty World and their bodies asleep on the oval — Ben is desperately trying to wake them up.

The gang realise they're trapped in a dream and have to wake themselves up. They think jumping into Jesse's pool will wake them and just as they're about to Luke says stop, but it's too late and Jesse lands in the water. Luke theorises that to wake up they must accept this world is not real and sacrifice an object that typifies their Heart's Desire.

In the Empty World, the gang wake up and turn on Ben. He admits he doctored the spell — he was tricked by his "Grandpa" and thought he was fixing everything. The real spell found — the gang prepare to use it to get home — hopefully for real this time. But unbeknownst to the gang, they each have a strange glowing parasite attached to their backs — what are they taking home?

With: Nicholas Coughlan as Mr Bates, Shareena Clanton as Sonia, Tony Briggs as Brett, Dennis Coard as Grandpa, Laura Grady as Brooklyn, Charmaine Chu as Peta, Louise Crawford as Katrina, Damian Hill as Stuart, Georgia Bolton as Coach Jane, Finley van de Wall as Claudia, Stella Carroll as Kayla, Monique Heath as Tilly, Miro Lauritz as Sam look-a-like, Josh Langsam as Jake look-a-like, Sebastian Li as Andy look-a-like

Episodes 3.07 - 3.13