Produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production New Zealand
and Castaway Television Productions Ltd

Creator: Charlie Parsons
Executive Producers: Greg Heathcote, Emma White
Series Producer: Tim Lawry

Airing: Sun, April 22, 2018... (TV2)

The second season of Survivor New Zealand sees new castaways, new rules, and a brand new location. Eighteen highly-competitive Kiwis were selected from over 5000 applicants and marooned on the islands of Thailand where they had to survive for up to 40 days. The winner will walk away with $250,000 and the title of Sole Survivor. (15x90min)
Matt ChisholmHost 
Josefien "Jose" Maasdam (23)Chani18
Arun Bola (30)Chani/Chani | Phsan10
Eve Clarke (26)Chani/Khangkhaw | Phsan7
Dave Lipanovic (26)Chani/Chani | Phsan3
Franky March (24)Chani16
Liam Hose (23)Chani/Khangkhaw14
Renee Clarke (28)Chani/Chani | Phsan8
Jeremy "JT" Muirhead (32)Chani/Khangkhaw12
Karla Karaitiana (37)Chani17
Matt Hancock (25)Khangkhaw/Chani | Phsan6
Tara Thorowgood (44)Khangkhaw/Khangkhaw | Phsan4
Josh Hickford (28)Khangkhaw/Chani13
Tess Fahey (24)Khangkhaw/Khangkhaw | Phsan2
Brad Norris (27)Khangkhaw/Khangkhaw | Phsan9
Kaysha Whakarau (24)Khangkhaw15
Adam O'Brien (28)Khangkhaw/Chani | Phsan5
Lisa Stanger (38)Khangkhaw/Khangkhaw | Phsan1
Dylan Conrad (26)Khangkhaw/Chani11
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