Produced by South Pacific Pictures

Creators: Maureen Sinton, Ray Van Beynen
Producers: Maureen Sinton, Tim Sanders
Executive Producer: John Barnett
Director: Chris Bailey, et al
Writer: James Griffin, et al

Aired: 1994 - 1995

Detective Sergeant George (Georgina) Samuels is head of the Greendale Crime Control Unit, a team of six plaincothes cops whose brief is to blend into their community, pre-empting crimes before they can happen. Being a woman in authority is not easy and George's leadership is constantly under threat from both her duplicitous boss, Senior Sergeant Gordon "Mitch" Mitchell, and Detective (LP) Pitt who doubts that a "skirt" can do the job. (26 x 45min)
Rhondda FindletonDS Georgina Samuels
Sean DuffyDet LP Pitt
Pete SmithDet Oscar Kingi
Erik ThomsonPC James Rose
Gillian BaxterPC Linda O'Connor
Alan DaleSen Sgt Mitch Mitchell
Shane WongDC Paddy Lim
Carmel McGloneHelena Mitchell
Brenda KendallLilly Thomas
Dale CorlettNoel Little
Amber SainsburyTessa Samuels
cast photo

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