Lucy Lewis Can't Lose: episode guide

Episode 1

Lucy Lewis is a terrible public speaker. Like, really terrible. And she's about to have the worst week ever.

Starring: Thomasin McKenzie as Lucy Lewis, Celia Macdonald as Ruby, Rahiri Wharerau as Dave, Catherine Pot as Stella, Miranda Harcourt as Ms Parker, Allan Henry as Mr Kinloch

With: Jules Robertson as Lila, Kiki Miwa as Lola, Harrison Yates as Boy #1, Stella Robins as Girl #1, Emily Yeap as Girl #2, Rebecca Farr as Girl #3, Ella Green as Girl #4, Ruby Hudson as Girl #5, Emily Coyle as Girl #6, Minto Fung as Stan, Paul Yates as Mr Prebble, Amanda Alison as School Secretary, Marley Hanson & Barnaby Allan as Newshub Crew

Extras: Mika Denham, Leo Herbig, Chelsea Hume, Hanna Koeck, Madeleine Knowles, Sarah Anne May, Gabe Parkin, William Pride, Jaxson Cook, James Stevenson, Ralph Robins

Episode 2

Lucy tries to do the right thing but the evil Principal has other evil ideas.

Episode 3

Lucy thinks the Principal has a diabolical plan, and enlists Ruby and Dave in an elaborate heist. It doesn't go great.

Episode 4

Lucy discovers the Principal's diabolical plan really is diabolical. Ruby and Dave suggest making a viral video to get the word out...

Episode 5

Lucy must face her greatest fear to save the day. She just has to convince Stella to help her out. Easier said than done.

Episode 6

Lucy must overcome her fear of public speaking and stand up for her fellow students. What could possibly go wrong?