Jackson's Wharf: characters

Ben Jackson (played by Stephen Whittaker)


A good guy in all senses of the word. Ben trained as a lawyer and also played for the All Blacks in the days before rugby was big business. Ben returned to his hometown of Jacksons Wharf with his children, Charlie and twins Lucy and Jesse, after his wife, Kate, died in a car accident. He took over the family pub, Jackson's Mistake, where he also lives. Long ago, Ben had a brief affair with his brother's wife, Mahina, and the pair rekindled their passion in series one.

Frank Jackson (played by Patrick Toomey)


Frank is the top cop in Jacksons Wharf and he likes to run things his way — even if that means flouting the law. He is also the black sheep of the Jacksons family, having been raised as one of the brothers, and has always felt that he lives in Ben's shadow. If he knew about the history between his wife, Mahina, and Ben, there would be serious consequences.

Mahina Jackson (played by Nicola Kawana)


Mahina is a teacher and school counsellor at the local high school. She is quick-witted, even-tempered and extremely tenacious. Her daughter, Aroha, was the product of her first marriage to a no-good petty criminal. Everyone was surprised when she married Frank but Mahina insisted there was a good side to him.

Brian Peek (played by Paul McLaughlin)


Brian is renowned as an honest, reliable and trustworthy character. He manages the Jackson's family farm as if it were his own. Brian was engaged to the love of his life, Maggie Jackson but she broke his heart and despite his down-to-earth nature, Brian hasn't had much luck with the ladies since she left.

Calvin Jackson (played by Brett Coutts)


Calvin is the youngest of the Jackson brothers. He's always been good with engines and has a keen interest in both boats and cars. People have always thought Calvin was a bit 'weird' which is possibly why he was arrested for the murder of Chantelle. Calvin and Larissa have a bit of a rocky relationship but they both see the best in each other.

Larissa Enari (played by Nicole Whippy)


Larissa lives in a cabin at the camping ground and works as a barmaid at the Jackson's Mistake. After a tough childhood, Larissa is trying to make a go of her life and living in Jacksons Wharf gave her a fresh start. She's got a bit of a reputation as a 'friendly' girl and has had relationships with a few of the men in Jacksons but has finally found what seems like enduring romance with Calvin.

Mason Keeler (played by Robbie Magasiva)


Mason is a sincere young cop who wants to do the best for his community and young people in particular. Mason is a Christian, but he doesn't shout about it. His relationship with Natalie Jackson has not only tested his faith but has made things difficult with his boss, and her dad, Frank.

Zane Rewiti (played by Clint Eruera)


Zane Rewiti is a smart guy who makes the most of his wits by living on the edge of the law. He is very attractive and knows it. Zane lives in a bach on the coast and makes his living by a variety of means, not all of them law-abiding. He is Mahina's nephew and often calls on her when he needs help.

Jesse Jackson (played by Daniel Meade)


Like his father, 18-year-old Jesse Jackson has always been into rugby but recently, his heart just hasn't been in it. His focus at school has also been dwindling and he's thinking about quitting to get a job. The fact is Jesse's not into much of anything these days — except girls.

Aroha Jackson (played by Dominique Crawford)


Eleven-year-old Aroha lives with her mother, Mahina, step-father Frank and step-sister Natalie. She is a very bright young girl and attends the local primary school with her cousin Charlie.

Natalie Jackson (played by Morgan Reese Fairhead)


Natalie is in her last year at high school where she is also head girl. She has always held ambitions that go way beyond the rural lifestyle of Jacksons Wharf. Despite her family's disapproval, she has maintained her relationship with the other local cop, Mason Keeler. Not only does her father, Frank, disapprove of the age difference, but Natalie has become a Christian along with Mason — much to Frank's disgust.

Charlie Jackson (played by Nicko Vella)


Eleven-year-old Charlie loves science and computers — particularly computer games - but is determined not to be labelled a nerd. His inquisitive nature often means he ends up in sticky situations. He lives at the Jackson's Mistake with his dad, Ben.

Jay Tolich (played by Rachel E. Wallis)


Jay is a new constable in town who's been brought up to Jacksons from Auckland to help solve Chantelle's murder. She's ambitious, sporty and is not afraid to muck in with the boys.

Shayne Bellamy (played by Peter Hammill)


Shayne is gay, in his early 20s and recently took over the local superette from Auntie Kath. His mission is to make the shop more than just a rural milk bar and he is quick to add espresso coffee and paninis to the menu — along with the traditional fare of pies and toasted sandwiches. Shayne loves a gossip and running Jackson's main store is the perfect place to pick up the latest information on the locals.

Hannah Priest (played by Emmeline Hawthorne)


Seventeen-year-old Hannah arrives in Jacksons Wharf with her older sister and legal guardian, Rebecca. Thanks to Rebecca, she had a privileged upbringing in Sydney and also had a good education. She's a big city kid who is outspoken, opinionated and articulate. She sees herself as a seeker of the truth and wants a job where she can make a difference — possibly journalism.

Rebecca Priest (played by Sara Wiseman)


Rebecca Priest was brought up in Jacksons Wharf but left years ago to make ago of her life in Sydney. There she married but was betrayed by her husband Stuart who accumulated massive debts in her name. She arrives back in Jackson's as the victim of a shipwreck and plans to start afresh with her sister Hannah. The pair is taken in by Brian Peek who remembers Rebecca as the woman he secretly had a crush on at the age of 16.