Produced by KHF Media for for TVNZ and NZ on Air

Creators: David Stubbs and Thomas Robins
Producers: David Stubbs and Thomas Robins
Story: by David Stubbs, Thomas Robins, Martha Hardy-Ward, Paul Yates
Writers: Martha Hardy-Ward, Paul Yates
Directors David Stubbs and Thomas Robins

Airing: 2012, 2013, 2014 (TV2)

The dramatic breakup of Hailey and Tim has divided the perfect, tight knit suburb of The Bay. Old friends are at war, and some are no longer talking. It's total chaos and Maxine is caught in the middle. Should she stay out of it? Hell yes. But that's not her style; Max must get to the bottom of it! From the makers of the Emmy Award-winning Reservoir Hill comes New Zealand's first ever romantic whodunnit.
Courtney AbbottMaxine
Carolyn DandoHailey
Josh MacKenzieTim
Emma DraperGina
Nathan BrabenderGrayson
Will RobertsonJake
Abby DamenKjesten
Chris ParkerOlaf
cast photo

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