Creators: Jonny Brugh, Jackie van Beek, Jesse Griffin
Producer: Rachel Jean
Writers: Jesse Griffin, Jonny Brugh, Jackie van Beek
Director: Jesse Griffin

Released: 2019, 2020, 2022 (TVNZ OnDemand)

Set behind the scenes of an ordinary Kiwi secondary school, this unscripted comedy series follows the hopelessly and hilariously inept people in charge of educating the next generation. They have no grasp of the curriculum, no knowledge of how to follow a timetable, and no idea how to complete the homework they set. Issues like parental conflict, exam pressure, turning up late, and exhaustion, are continually stressing them out much more than their pupils do. These dysfunctional educators are childishly trying to survive the day until the bell ringsā€¦
Jonny BrughJarred Needham
Jackie van BeekRobyn Duffy
Rick DonaldVinnie Thompson
Kura ForresterJudy Mokopouwhare
Cohen HollowayJohn Harrison
Victoria AbbottRachel Dundonald
Tom SainsburyRudy Beard
Yvette ParsonsSheree Pivac
Ana ScotneyMaria
Paul GloverRobert
Connor SeymourJayden
Lionel WellingtonDixon
Rachel BarkerBean
Charlotte McDonaldMaia
Jessica FalconerDestiny
Jahvarn IslamTyrone
Frankie O'HalloranFrankie
Finn BlackwellRory
Olivia ParkerGeorgina
Kali RajKylie
Violet O'HalloranSally-Ann
cast photo

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