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Episode 1.01

NZ: March 04, 2024 (Neon TV)
Canada: May 01, 2024 (Showcase)
Written by Paul Cleave
Directed by Rick Jacobson

Meet Joe: overlooked cleaner by day, serial killer by night. When a copycat appears, Joe sets out to find him before the police do — but a potential victim turns the tables and Joe is now the prey.


  • Cohen Holloway as Joe Middleton
  • Chelsie Florence [Chelsie Preston Crayford] as Melissa Flowers
  • Dea Doglione as Sally Galletly
  • Elizabeth Hawthorne as Evelyn Middleton
  • Robbie Magasiva as DI Carl Schroder
  • David de Lautour as DSS Robert Calhoun
  • Hannah Marshall as DSS Rebecca Kent
  • Jordan Mooney as DS Brian Travers
  • Genevieve Kent as Laura
  • Mike Edward as Mike Walker
  • Grace Bentley-Tsibuah as Jennifer
  • Sara Kupa as Angela Durry
  • James Kupa as Constable Sam
  • Adam Brookfield as Bus Driver
  • Benjamin Kent as Cashier
  • Te Wharerangi Mihinui as Forensic Technician
  • Tom Eason as DS Shane O'Connell
  • Barry Tomkinson as DSS Wilson Hutton
  • Eric Young as News Reader