Produced by Greenstone TV Productions

Creator/Writer: Stephen J Campbell
Executive Producer: Paul Bennett
Producer: Natasha Romaniuk (series 1), Harriet Crampton (series 2)
Directors: Stephen J Campbell, Andrew Burfield

Aired: 2016, 2017, 2018 (TV2)

The Cul De Sac centres on a group of teenagers who, led by 16-year-old Rose, wake to a world where the adults have mysteriously disappeared and all technology has ceased to function. While most focus on their survival, others see it as an opportunity to create a new order in which they make the rules. As a savage type of hierarchy begins to take shape, Rose, with the help of her neighbour Jack, must fight to protect her family from a world that is rapidly tearing itself apart. As dramatic events unfold, Rose begins to suspect that there are sinister, other-worldly forces at work — forces she will ultimately have to confront if she and her siblings are ever going to be re-united with their parents.
Greta GregoryRose Grayson
Molly LeishmanEliza Grayson
KJ ApaJack
Beulah KoaleLucas
Flynn StewardTom Grayson
Simon MeadDoni
Sophie McIntoshJen
Charlie PrestonSam
Tim HamiltonEddie
Amanda BillingBeth
Peter FeeneyMichael Grayson
Thomasin McKenzieWilla
Jordan OosterhofRatchet
cast photo

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