Executive Producers: John Barnett, Rachel Lang
Producer: Tony Holden
Directors: Wayne Tourell, Tony Holden, Peter Sharp
Script Editors: Jan Prettejohns, Liddy Holloway
Script Writers: Maxine Fleming, Peter Allison, Doug Coutts, Karen Curtis, Miranda Wilson, Simon Morris, Gavin Strawhan

Aired: 1996 (26 x 60 min)

Inner-city life had become almost comfortable for this group of ten friends. They have known each other for years, but now that friendship is given a concrete form when one of their number, the one who has fought hardest to keep them together and on speaking terms, dies. In his will he leaves the building that has been their centre of activity to the survivors. It is his way of making sure the friendship lives on.
Lisa ChappellBronwyn Kellett
Jack CampbellAaron Kellett
Claudia BlackAngela Kostapas
Oliver DriverJosh Gribble
Peter MullerHugh Campbell
Charles MesureRyan Waters
Michelle HuiramaWiki Taylor
Katrina BrowneKristen Wood
John FreemanGideon Miller
Laurie FoelStephanie Cox
cast photo

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