The Amazing Extraordinary Friends: cast

  • Carl Dixon
    as Ben Wilson

  • Patrick Morrison
    as Roy Bottle

  • Robyn Maclean
    as Wired

  • David McPhail
    as Harry Seaforth

  • Hannah Marshall
    as Vicki Van Horten

  • Stuart Devenie
    as Renfield

  • Tyler Jane Mitchel
    as Ice

  • Madeleine Lynch
    as Laura Wilson

  • John Leigh
    as Dave Ruben

  • Kaleb Mearns
    as Dutch Jimmy

  • Greg Smith
    as Irish Tom

  • Mark Mitchinson
    as Tony Baritony

  • Phoebe Falconer
    as Felicity Cartwheel (#1)

  • Joshua Ramsay
    as Gerald Lester

  • John Trevithick
    as Constable Len

  • Peter Feeney
    as Mayor Jackson

  • Jim McLarty
    as Principal Locum

  • Brenda Kendall
    as Ms Potemkin

  • Tanya Pouwhare
    as Danna Dinkley

  • Todd Emerson
    as Lars Tinkle

  • Ajay Vashisht
    as Barry Rai

  • Trygve Wakenshaw
    as Ali Giblet

  • Paul Norell
    as The Conjurer

  • Louise Wallace
    as Wendy Wendylson

  • Siobhan Marshall
    as Atomic Bombshell

  • Peter Rowley
    as General Quarters

  • Mark Wright
    as Terry Wilson

  • Genevieve Maclean
    as Dr Elaine Madison

  • Mick Innes
    as The Comedian

  • Ryan Lampp
    as Smally Small

  • Johnny Barker
    as Victor Zeno

  • Mikey Havoc
    as Evil Jester

  • Andrew Robertt
    as The Wraith (#1)

  • Series 2:

  • Stephanie van der Wel
    as Sleet (#1)

  • Amy Waller
    as Hail

  • Ian Mune
    as Incredicble Master Zero

  • Colin Moy
    as The Wraith (#2)

  • Andrew Laing
    as Tray Waistcoat

  • David Van Horn
    as Tom Chalmers

  • Jay Collins
    as Simon

  • Sara Wiseman
    as Dr Helen

  • Peter Daube
    as Mad Mike

  • Sara Standring
    as Felicity Cartwheel (#2)

  • Mark Ferguson
    as Mr Terrific

  • Jennifer Freed
    as Gravity Girl

  • Andy Wong
    as Tenacious Tantrum

  • Sally Stockwell
    as Lana Lane

  • Anna Sheridan
    as Zeta Nitro

  • Jarrod Blakiston
    as Poindexter

  • Rose McIver
    as Emily Rushmore

  • Adele Pascoe
    as Cosmic Gal

  • David Downs
    as Cosmic Man

  • Patrick Wilson
    as Barman

  • Jonathan Brugh
    as Dr Zeno

  • Greg Ward
    as Big Deek

  • Paul Barrett
    as Chief Administrator

  • Jason Hoyte
    as Colonel Titanium

  • Lliam Powell
    as Young Renfield

  • Michael Van Wijk
    as 9:26

  • Brooke Norton
    as Emily

  • Anna Stillaman
    as Emily's Mum

  • Jonathan Acorn
    as Wino

  • Elizabeth Hawthorne
    as Bev Lockjaw

  • Sally Stockwell
    as Rachel

  • Annie Whittle
    as Madame Lulu (#1)

  • Michael Van Wijk
    as The Androids

  • Mark Hadlow
    as Reg

  • Michaela Rooney
    as Deb

  • Jason Payn
    as Surgeon

  • Series 3:

  • Caleigh Cheung
    as Wendy Choo

  • Mike Edward
    as Thorg

  • Andrew Clay
    as Mister Fabulous

  • Paul Norell
    as Barkeep

  • Annie Roach
    as Electro Woman

  • Alex Barker
    as Head Technician

  • Julia Hyde
    as Sleet (#2)

  • Barnie Duncan
    as Ryan

  • Kevin Williams
    as Barman

  • Tarun Mohanbhai
    as Doctor

  • Stephen Campbell
    as Evil Councillor

  • Leslie Stager-Jacques
    as Mayor Peterson

  • David de Lautour
    as Parker Pen

  • Mike Ginn
    as Loyd

  • Robert Bruce
    as Mr McNab

  • Jon Bridges
    as Simon

  • Calvin Tuteau
    as The Atomiser

  • Andrea Kelland
    as Mrs Bridges

  • Andy Conlon
    as Gang Leader

  • Matt Baker
    as Jack O'Lantern/Jasper

  • Marak Sumich
    as Sven

  • Chris Campbell
    as Neville

  • Mark Hendry
    as Petman

  • Paul Glover
    as Nick The Greek

  • Wesley Dowdell
    as Dean

  • Jamie Bowen
    as Gary

  • Justine Smith
    as Madame Lulu

  • Kelson Henderson
    as Officer Moody

  • Will Wallace
    as Officer Doody

  • Ben Crowder
    as Reg Butterworth

  • Gavin Anderson
    as Bad Barry

  • Leigh Hart
    as Mezzimo

  • Michelle Fitz-William
    as Nurse

  • Steve Saussey
    as Head Geologist

  • Matt McPhail
    as Geologist

  • Cameron Rhodes
    as Gene Huff

  • Jodie Rimmer
    as Christmas Carole

  • Santa Claus
    as Himself

  • Asher Steel
    as Efly the Evil

  • Milo Cawthorne
    as Jimmy Swift

  • Simon Prast
    as The Conjurer

  • Jarrod Blakiston
    as Everett

  • Johnny Bond
    as Old Man Grocer

  • Gerard Seth
    as Damien

  • Jeremy Elwood
    as Deacon

  • Jennifer Ludlum
    as Cyclone

  • Adam Gardiner
    as Z

  • Andrew Paterson
    as M

  • Russell Wills
    as S

  • Mark Williams
    as Alien #1

  • Campbell Cooley
    as Alien #2