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Series Cast

Te Ahorangi Winitana as Smooch
Turia Schmidt-Peke as Geo
Nepia Takuira-Mita as Hemi

Awhimai Fraser as Chantelle
Wiremu McCarthy as Maru
Tukairangi Maxwell as Tipene
Josh McKenzie as Aaron
Hera Foley as Nurse
Alexander Walker as Customer
Lori Graham as Felicia
Shane Martin as Man 1
Sasha Perry as Man 2
Michael Whittaker as Tomo
Ryan Poppe as Daz
Maddi Barnes as Pete
Jethro Gardiner as Trainer
Amanda Ashton as Meth Addict
Ngawai Herewini as Awhi
David Broughton as Kaumatua

Aroha Rawson as Lecturer
Jade Atkinson as Mere
Tyler Wilson-Kokiri as Amos
Tahei Simpson as Dina
Larissa Allen as Receptionist
Isaac Te Reina as Tom
Tiataharoa Maipi as Ra
Te Kohe Tuhaka as Fred
Stacey Henderson as Bartender
Zac McEwen as Detective

Stacey Te Hau as Cellmate
Tomai Ihaia as Pania
Zoe Boyle as Alisha
Sarah Walden as Barbara
Kirk Torrance as Kapi
Clinton Harris as Café Manager
Brady Peeti as Duty Manager
Anaia Bennett as Debra Lamar
Rob Mokaraka as Richard

Money, Money, Money!

Episode 1.01
March 01, 2018
Story Supervisor: Joss King
Writers: Todd Karehana, Jessica Hansell, Hanelle Harris, Georgia Ihimaera, Tainui Tukiwaho, Albert Belz
Directors: Keil McNaughton, Hannelle Harris

After a visit to the hospital, Smooch carries on business as usual. Maru informs Smooch about Felicia’s debt to the gang. Geo organises to meetup with Aaron.

Note: series 1 does not have episode specific credits so I'll just list them at the top

Riding in Cars with Boys

Episode 1.02

Felicia is shocked when Smooch comes to collect. Hemi is inspired to post a whakaaro of the day which catches the attention of one of his followers. Smooch and Hemi see a worrying post on Geo’s snapchat.

Bad Rep

Episode 1.03

Geo is still reeling from the incident in the car. Hemi is finding it hard to deal with cyberbullying. Geo joins Tipene’s gym and is encouraged to learn mau rakau. Smooch’s reputation on the streets is screwed. Geo finds mau rākau challenging.


Episode 1.04

Hemi turns to social media to get a date with Chantelle. Geo and Tipene go for a run together. Smooch tries to save the day. Geo finds a supportive confidant in Tipene.

Make a Stand!

Episode 1.05

Chantelle opens up to Smooch about her insecurities. Geo is finding it hard to juggle her commitments. Hemi and Chantelle discuss the disaster date and come to an understanding.

Trouble in the City

Episode 1.06

Smooch is under pressure from Maru and the gang. Chantelle causes uproar in Te Pā when she’s caught wearing Ra’s memorial t-shirt. Geo and Tipene have an argument at the club.

Scheme Queen

Episode 1.07

Hemi gets creative when he tries to resolve things with Chantelle. Smooch finds out some information which changes everything. Maru offers Smooch a confronting solution to her debt.

Tonight is the Night

Episode 1.08

Maru and the gang are on their way to Chantelle’s apartment when Smooch starts to have second thoughts. Temperatures rise between Hemi and Chantelle. Smooch confronts Maru and is met by a dark new figure.

Cuzzy Baes

Episode 1.09

Geo tries to heal the maemae with her mum and learns some home truths along the way. Smooch is forced to sell her car earlier than expected. Chantelle pieces things together and pushes Smooch for the truth.

Filter the Whānau

Episode 1.10

After a visit to Chantelle’s doesn’t go exactly as planned, Hemi has an overdue catch-up with an old friend. Geo has a realisation about Tipene which surprises Smooch. Tipene whisks Geo away on a date.


Episode 1.11

Hemi and Smooch meet with Tom Fergusson, an app developer. Maru shows up unexpectedly at Te Pā demanding answers from Smooch. Geo helps Smooch and Hemi with legal contracts, however things don’t exactly go as planned.


Episode 1.12

Hemi recovers from an epic hangover and starts to recollect a very important meeting which has dire consequences for both him and Smooch. Fred is wary of Felicia and Aunty Awhi.


Episode 1.13

Fred makes a heartfelt speech and presents Smooch with her twenty first key. However it’s Felicia that steals the show. Hemi frantically searches for Smooch while Chantelle and Geo clean up.


Episode 1.14

Maru and Amos are on the hunt for Smooch and their money. Chantelle grows suspicious when she overhears a phone conversation between Tipene and a mystery person called Angie.


Episode 1.15

Smooch, Hemi and Geo pay Felicia a little visit and find out some things that Smooch refuses to believe. The search continues for Smooch’s dad — and her money.

The Other Woman

Episode 1.16

Chantelle informs Geo that there is another woman in Tipene’s life called Angie. Smooch has some issues with finding mahi. Geo tells Tipene about something that’s been annoying her.

She Likes Me, She Likes Me Not

Episode 1.17

Chantelle is shocked to find Hemi is a victim of workplace sexual harassment — even if he doesn’t see it that way. Geo is feeling overwhelmed on the eve of the big mau rakau exhibition.

Bye Bitch!

Episode 1.18

Smooch has some one-on-one time with Hemi and uses it to ask about Rā. Geo overcomes her nerves to confidently take the stage. Aaron tries to escape Smooch’s taunts but not without a farewell gift from Geo.

Lonesome Loser

Episode 1.19

Hemi and Chantelle have a hui with her dad to plead their case but is he ready to listen? Felicia surprises Smooch with some good news. Everyone is excited for Geo’s trip to Canada except her boyfriend, Tipene.

Moe Mai Rā

Episode 1.20

Amos shows up at Felicia’s tangi, causing upset and confusion for her grieving sister, Smooch. Te Pā is thrown into chaos when Smooch’s biggest secret gets leaked online for everyone to see — including Geo and Hemi.

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