Produced by RT Films, Scottish Television Enterprises

Executive Producers: Elizabeth Partyka, Sue Taylor
Producer: Sue Taylor
Director: Alan Macmillan
Writers: Michael Aitkens, Ron Elliott, Mike Jackson, Michael Le Moignan, Barry Purchese, Nick Rheinberger, Sarah Smith

Aired: 1999 (ABC, 13 x 30 min)

A comedy fantasy about two identical teenagers Minty Sullivan and Melanie Hobson, who live on opposite sides of the world and different sides of the tracks. Although they're physically identical they have completely different personalities and lifestyles. When Melanie wins a trip to Australia she happens to meet Minty. Amazed at how similar they look, they trade places, creating mayhem for everyone around them.
Angela KellyMinty Sullivan
Angela KellyMelanie Hobson
Damian de MontemasShane
Kim De LuryCameron
Michael LoneyLionel Hobson
Pauline BennionPeg Hobson
Phineas GloverAlex Hobson
Peter O'BrienRic da Silva
Vivienne GarrettPamela-Anne Nubecker
Bill KerrWillie Courtney
Angela Kelly

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