Produced by Freehand Productions

Executive Producer: Maria Michael
Producer: Linda Ujuk
Director/Head Writer: Andrew Garrick
Writers: Andrew Garrick, Ben Jenkins, Alexandra Lee, David Harmon, Adam Yardley, Mark Sutton

Airing: October 15 - November 02, 2012 (Eleven)

The forgotten island nation of Pullamawang has seceded from mainland Australia and is home to a cast of larger-than-life characters including young citizen Emma who desperately wants to leave. The absurd habits and comfortable lives of the islanders are thrown into disarray and conflict by the discovery of diamonds, thwarting Emma's dreams of escaping to the wider world. (15 x 5min / 1 x 65min)
Roz HammondKingess Betty Cosdosca
Harriet DyerEmma Cosdosca
Daniel CordeauxPaul
Lliam AmorMenzies Macfadden
James MackayLindsay Macfadden
John LearyBarry
Jon Rex WilliamsPete
Rowena WallaceTottie Nesbit
David CollinsBlind Billy Mackeral
Rebecca De UnamunoTracy
Kit BrookmanLittle Timmy
Roy BillingNarrator
SpikeConstable Woofster
cast photo

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