Medivac: snafus


In numerous episodes, you see what I like to call "corridor confusion" where a character. People like to take paths that weave through as many hallways and interconnecting rooms as possible when a direct path would be faster.

Episode 3

As Arch stands on the skid of the helicopter you can see that he has his white ID batch clipped to his uniform at his waist. As revealed in the long shots however, his stunt double is not wearing this badge.

Arch jumps out of the helicopter and into the river, but upon returning to Bethlehem West, his clothes are dry and show no signs of ever having been wet.

Episode 6

When Macy joins Roy, Jenny, and their two kids in the park, her and Roy's kids consist of a girl and a younger boy. In later episodes, their children's names are given as Ruby (the eldest) and Emma. Emma, strange name for a boy!

Episode 7

When the island's doctor collapses, Red places a mask over the man's face to aid in CPR, after a quick camera cut to Julia and then Tank, when the camera returns to Red and the doctor, the mask is upside down with the narrow end that normally rests over the patients nose now awkwardly fitted over his jaw.

During her disrobing, Marina says she was born on "October 10, 1968, Tuesday, about 3 o'clock in the morning." October 10th fell on a Thursday in 1968.

Episode 8

Oopy says "I am a moron" whenever he hears the word "patient" but also responds several times after hearing the word "patience" or "patients." However, after Harry is treated in the ER, he uses the word "patients" in a sentence and Oopy, standing nearby, does not respond.

Episode 10

When Red bowls a gutter ball, the computer display flashes "Turkey" which is the term used in bowling for three consecutive strikes.

Episode 20

Bruce, while talking to Harry at the airbase, states that the plane they are standing by can reach Mach 3, but statistics for the F-111 Aardvark list it's maximum speed as Mach 2.5.

Episode 23

When Wayne is listing off the drugs found in Elvis after he died (see quotes page), he mentions one that sounds like "Ethychlorahol." While all the others are correct this one is not, the correct name is Ethchlorovynol.

Episode 27 "Romeo and Juliet"

Shaneen shoots Armalite from across the room, she then turns around and fires at Marina and Peter. But when Peter shoots her, she falls back onto Armalite when she should still be on the other side of the room.

Episode 29 "Gates to the Kingdom"

Begin taking note when Julia tries to use the phone in the elevator and finds it dead. In the next scene, Arch pounds on the doors of the hospital room and turns to see Marina huddled in the corner, Nikki has her arm around Marina's shoulders. A quick series of shots shows the cross on the floor and then a close up of Marina staring blankly across the room—but Nikki's arm is not across her shoulders in this out of place shot. Again a quick cut to the cross on the floor and back again to Marina and Nikki who still has her arm around her shoulders.

Episode 30 "The Promise"

Andrew McKaige's character is listed as Dave Callen in the credits but his last name is spelled Callan on his flight suit—both versions will be used in the end credits of later episodes.

Episode 31 "The Sleep Of Reason"

John Orscik's character's first name is listed as Cliff in the end credits but Julia repeatedly calls him Ben.

Episode 33 "Second Chance"

Byron Buchan Skrote is taken into Resus and goes into VF, Gosia begins chest compressions—she is wearing a watch (silver). Julia then takes over—she is also wearing a watch (gold) which is visible in numerous previous scenes. The camera cuts to the monitor and then to Julia before showing a closeup of Julia performing chest compressions, but there is no watch on either of the arms shown in the close up. Later shots of Julia also show her wearing a watch.

Episode 34 "Silence"

In his conversation with Sean, Tom asks if he "is Bob Michael's son." Sean affirms this, but in later episodes Sean's father is named Peter Michaels.

Episode 48 "God's Greatest Gift"

When Julia gives Tom the vaccine injection, she is not wearing gloves and injects him in the shoulder. However, in a close up, the injection is administered by someone wearing gloves and the injection is given in the arm.