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Episode 16

Canada: April 29, 1998
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Di Drew.

The world's longest surviving recipient of a baboon's liver collapses at his own wedding while the media relays the event globally. Bethlehem West carried out the transplant, they now go into overdrive to keep the recipient alive. Harry worries about the legal and publicity ramifications. While medivac-ing the patient back to Brisbane, Julia, who has finally achieved the Directorship that eluded her previously, asks Arch to fill her old position of Deputy Director. He declines, and later offers his support to Wayne who is lobbying for the position. As the chopper is about to touch down, the patient crashes but Julia and Arch are able to successfully resuscitate him. The initial emergency over, Arch bumps into an old girlfriend, Madeline, who is at the hospital providing legal advice to Harry regarding the doctor who performed the ground breaking trans-species organ transplant. Julia orders blood tests on the transplant patient and it is discovered he has a deadly contagious herpes virus found in monkeys. Wayne chooses this time to lobby Bree for support in his quest for the Deputy Directorship while Gosia calls on the favour he owes her. Harry reveals to Julia that the transplant went ahead without final results of the full tissue screen and he now has to decide if he will protect the hospital and the surgeon, or let justice take its course. When Harry confronts the surgeon, who later collapses with the same disease as the patient.

Guest Cast: Anthony Grundy as Tank, Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Ray Barrett as Frank Wheeler, Tiriel Mora as Dr. Dexter Haben, Bridgett Costello as Kylie Wheeler, Angela Twigg as Madeline.

Episode 17

Canada: May 06, 1998
Written by Peter McPhee
Directed by Peter Fisk.

Peter is preparing for his wedding when sirens wail — Bethlehem West is on full alert. Arch and Bree go to a park where they are confronted by a SOG cop waving them to a man who is handcuffed and bleeding. As they treat him they find out he has shot many people. Julia and Macy arrive at the scene — people are wounded and dying, most of them children. Marina arrives. In resus, nurses balk at treating the shooter, and Wayne insists they be professional. Julia passes the shooter in the corridor — she knows him: Danny, who she tried to have sectioned months ago. Julia worries his wife and child might be among the victims. She then has to tell one of the fathers that she was unable to save his daughter. In all the chaos, a patient seems to recognises Gosia, but calls her Margot — she denies knowing him. The grief stricken father of the dead girl snaps when he sees the gun of a security officer and in the process of searching the ER for the gunman who killed his daughter, he accidentally shoots Peter.

Guest Cast: Anthony Grundy as Tank, Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Aaron Blabey as Danny Haywood, Steve Lovewell as Sgt. Allan Lucas (Cop), Michael Futcher as Bill Dayton, Jan Nary as Teacher, Michael Forde as Simon Henshaw, Chris Betts as Ambo Phil (uncredited), uncredited as Des Dixon.

Episode 18

Canada: May 13, 1998
Written by Susan Macgillicuddy
Directed by Rob Stewart.

Julia congratulates Arch on passing his Fellow of Emergency Medicine exam and pleads with him to accept the Deputy Directorship. Wayne and Macy take off on a medivac to rescue an electrocuted man. Gosia's ex husband, John, arrives at the hospital from Alice Springs looking for her. Gosia wants nothing to do with him and tells Arch that he used to beat her up. The next morning John grabs her at home, but it is the act of a grief stricken man — he never beat her — she was just bored of her life with him. Wayne rebels against the practice of wearing helmets while on medivacs. When the team are called out on another medivac to the same farm for to attend to another electrocution, in exactly the same circumstances as before, Wayne and Julia extract the real story — the workers are intentionally electrocuting themselves, believing it is a cure for Ross River Fever. Outside Bethlehem West, John steps in front of a bus and Gosia walks out of the hospital, preparing to begin a new life. Arch tells her she doesn't have to run any more. Arch reluctantly accepts the Deputy Directorship, much to Wayne's horror.

Guest Cast: Wayne Pygram as John, Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Anthony Grundy as Tank, Colin D. Martin as Farmer, Glen Taylor as George Jr.

Episode 19

Canada: May 20, 1998
Written by Marcia Gardner
Directed by Graeme Blundell.

Bree and Gosia discover that Oopy has been moonlighting at a private cosmetic surgery institute, Olympia's Secret, after a medivac returns with one of the institute's former patients who is now suffering from complications arising from her surgery. Macy discovers an AIDS clinic has had its funding cut from Bethlehem West by Arch, confronting Julia in the hope she will overturn the decision. Julia refuses to countermand Arch's decision to put the money towards breast cancer research. The next day, the hospital is besieged by pro AIDS research protesters, one of whom is brought into the hospital and is treated by Arch. With the help of Peter, and his newly acquired pilot's license, Bree and Gosia take to the air to notify the institute's patients of the possible dangers associated with unnecessary cosmetic surgery. Arch visits the AIDS clinic to state he won't change his mind — he is coming to terms with his new-found powers as Deputy Director.

Guest Cast: Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Anthony Grundy as Tank, Anne Wilson as Sonya Doherty, Sue Robinson as Gwendolyn, Charles Barray as Lachlan, Simon Chan as Ron, Peter Lamb as Dr. Samuel Wendall, Karen Crone as Dr. Harvey.

Note: the first of four episodes (19, 37, 40, and 47) to be directed by actor Graeme Blundell.

Episode 20

Canada: May 27, 1998
Written by Susan Macgillicuddy
Directed by Peter Fisk.

Harry is confronted by Bruce, an old army buddy who brings up a murky part of their past, turning up at the hospital demanding the past be put right; the man they killed in Vietnam is weighing on his mind and he wants to go public with the story. Marina asks Harry to cut through red tape to allow a mercy operation on a Papua New Guinean boy. Harry initially rejects any hospital involvement, but after the visit from his friend, Harry and Bruce decide to personally fund the airlift of the boy to the hospital for medical treatment. Marina tells Julia about Oopy's cosmetic surgery clinic. Bree sees Arch and Madeleine together and is jealous. Julia and Macy go on a medivac to save a shark attack victim, putting their lives on the line to rescue the victim. Julia questions Oopy about his other job. After receiving an alarming phone message, Harry rushes to Bruce before he kills himself. Harry takes Bruce to the New Guinean boy they saved, giving Bruce a chance to expel his demons from the Vietnam murder.

Guest Cast: Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Robert Coleby as Bruce, Jamie Row as Zac, Grant Thompson as George, Noel Sheridan as Pilot, Warwick Comber as Policeman.

Episode 21

Canada: June 03, 1998
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Rob Stewart.

Wayne and Bree go on a medivac to rescue a young school teacher found naked in the bush. On the way, the chopper's navigational equipment goes haywire. When they finally locate the woman, she attempts to drown herself rather than give herself up to them. Once back in Emergency, the woman, Fran, begins to tell an incredible story of spaceships and abduction. Wayne tries to get Julia to sign a Section 8 form for Fran but she refuses. After getting the pathology report back on Fran, Wayne asks her why she didn't tell anyone she was pregnant. Fran freaks — she hasn't had sex since her husband died a year ago. Wayne is now confident her trauma is somehow related to her husband's death but Fran claims aliens raped her. Soon after Fran is discharged from the hospital, Wayne and Arch are called out again to assist her after an apparent second abduction and are surprised to discover that she is no longer pregnant. She refuses to go back in hospital, and Wayne and Arch know they can't stop what's happening to her.

Guest Cast: Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Sarah Lambert as Francine Lord, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Malcolm Cork as Chopper Pilot (uncredited).

Episode 22

Canada: June 10, 1998
Written by Peter McPhee
Directed by Haydn Keenan.

A Vietnamese baby in cardiac distress arrives at Bethlehem West. A zoology student also arrives, suffering from a possible drug OD. Julia is about to start resuscitation on the baby when Dexter Habin, still alive to the surprise of many in the department, makes a sudden appearance to perform a life saving operation on the infant in a vain attempt to garner some good press prior to his hearing on the trans-species organ transplant matter. Peter informs Arch that the uni student studies bats and that his supervisor is missing, prompting Arch to test for the Lyssavirus, which Pathology confirms. A suspected case of Equine Morbillivirus threatens the life of Julia's young friend Edwina as well as those of her horses. Harry notifies the state Veterinary Department about the possibility which is later confirmed. Julia believes there must be a connection between Edwina's case and that of the uni student and when Edwina regains consciousness, she says there are bats on her way to school. Arch and Dexter ride off to find the bat colony, it is opposite the house owned by the uni student's supervisor, where they find his dead body. Wayne is bitten by one of Julia's horses during a riding lesson.

Guest Cast: Tiriel Mora as Dr. Dexter Haben, Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Simone Dumbleton as Edwina, Kaitlin McKeown as Baby.

Episode 23

Canada: June 17, 1998
Written by Everett De Roche
Directed by Peter Fisk.

Harry's conscience is questioned after fatal fire at a rental building he owns burns down. Arch and Bree find a young pregnant woman still alive in the burning rubble of the building. The woman's baby, a boy, is delivered prematurely and dies, but Marina baptises the baby for the mother's sake. Macy suffers from the "say goodbye blues" after treating a homeless wino and getting to know his teenage daughter. She blackmails Harry into giving the pair one of his spare apartments until they get back on their feet. Harry feels guilty about the fire and is pursued by the media. He turns all this around when he personally saves the life of one of the fire's victims and then anonymously sets up a fund to help the young woman whose baby died. Duelling celebrity impersonators are admitted to the department.

Guest Cast: Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Nique Needles as Johnny Ryan, Michelle Gillies as Lexie Ryan, Samantha Lovejoy as Sigrid Kelso (reporter), Jeff Prewitt as Prez, Alan Swarbrick as Jacko, uncredited as Barbara Todd.

Episode 24

Canada: June 24, 1998
Written by Marcia Gardner
Directed by Rob Stewart.

Medical practices in the ER are publicly criticised by Bethlehem West neurosurgeon Dr. David Delamere resulting in Arch being investigated on a charge of manslaughter relating to the death of one of his patients. No longer able to emotionally let go from her patients, Macy quits and takes a job in a nursing home. Monsignor Duval, a representative from the Vatican, arrives to investigate a potential miracle for which Wayne, the atheist, is the principle witness. Wayne tries to avoid him while Marina tells Duval she's not sure if she believes in saints. Harry confronts Delamere about the accusations and accidentally blurts out he had an affair with Delamere's wife. Duval takes Wayne and Marina to meet the Catholic patient who was miraculously cured of cancer. Arch has a flashback about the patient Delamere accuses him of killing. When he wakes, the police are waiting to question him about the patient, Brendan Keys.

Guest Cast: Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Sean Scully as Monsignor Duval, John Heywood as Dr. David Delamere, Siobhan Lawless as Reporter, Inez Fainga'a as Kyra, Monette Lee as Rushbrook, Noel Sheridan as Pilot, Chris Cruikshanks as Otto, Anna Marchall as Strongwoman.

Episode 25

Canada: July 01, 1998
Written by Susan Macgillicuddy
Directed by Peter Fisk.

The emergency department staff responds to the accident scene after a truck T-bones a bus full of blind school children. Arch is due in court for his manslaughter charge, but against all advice, decides that his medical calling is more important than any legal obligations and goes on a medivac to attend to the victims of the bus accident. The bus driver feels guilty about the accident and only comes to terms with it when Wayne shows him a child whose sight has somehow been restored as a result of the crash. Unable to stay away from the hospital after hearing about the collision on the news, Macy takes time off from her job at the nursing home to help out. Arch turns up to court late and listens to Delamere accuse him of killing Brendan Keys. Wayne and Gosia disagree on whether to inform the police about a young girl who was used as a drug mule. For failing to appear in court, Arch has his bail revoked and is remanded in custody.

Guest Cast: Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Peter Adams as Judge, Chris Betts as Bus Driver (Mr. Sims), Bille Brown as Prosecutor, Stacey Erbacher as Stephanie, John Heywood as Dr. Delamere, Dino Marnika as Zac Samuelsson, Mark Stanley as Chook.

Note: 1998 AWGIE Award (Australian Writers' Guild) Nominee in the category "TV Series": Medivac, ep 25 — Matt Ford

Episode 26

Canada: July 08, 1998
Written by Peter Kinloch
Directed by Rowan Woods.

A gallery owner survives being speared by an Aboriginal artist he has been ripping off. The Aboriginal man is arrested but has a heart attack in the police van — the same one transporting Arch to his trial. Arch saves his fellow prisoner, making him once again late for court. Both the artist and the gallery owner end up at Beth West in the Emergency ward where the artist then tries to 'sing' him to death, which is aided by the gallery owner's guilty conscience. Wayne and Gosia make the two enemies meet and resolve their differences. In court Oopy gives evidence against Arch who begins to believe he really may be guilty. Out on bail he arrives home to find Bree in his house. Bree decides to find out the truth to save Arch from prison, and with help from Gosia, searches through the old hospital records. Marina tells the nurses there was another patient sent to neurology the day Brendan died. The CT scans must have been swapped. The court case is thrown out when it is revealed that Oopy accidentally switched the results but then decided to cover up his mistake and make it look like Arch's fault.

Guest Cast: Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Peter Adams as Judge, Bille Brown as Prosecutor, Judi Farr as Arch's Mother, Norman Johnson as Johnny Jormary, Dino Marnika as Zac Samuelsson, Nique Needles as Leo Vesti (art dealer), uncredited as Brendan Keyes.

Romeo and Juliet

Episode 27
Canada: July 15, 1998
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Rob Stewart.

After robbing Wayne's bank, a young Bonnie and Clyde couple, Armalite and Shaneen, crash their car and Armalite's head is pierced by a length of rebar. Emerging from surgery severely brain damaged, he is fatally shot by his girlfriend and partner-in-crime who is in turn shot and killed by Peter when she attempts to turn the gun on him and Marina. A paraplegic comes into the ER and overdoses himself into a coma, his wish is to have his organs sold to a dying billionaire to help support his family. His wish is eventually realised but Gosia sees that the payout is more appropriate for the magnitude of his sacrifice. Macy returns to her job as the Emergency Department's Nurse Manager. Harry falls in the river and is rescued from painful jellyfish stings by Bree. Harry introduces the staff to the newest member of Bethlehem West's emergency department, Dr. Tom Shawcross.

Guest Cast: Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Andrew Buchanan as Cameron Slater, Matt Doran as James "Armalite" Dwyer, Shanti Gudgeon as Shaneen, John Heywood as Dr. Delamere, Peter Marshall as Luke Geremiah, Catherine Miller as Megan.

Note: the Poem James recites to Shaneen is Desiderata, by Max Ehrman

Into The Abyss (Part 1 of 3)

Episode 28
Canada: July 22, 1998
Written by Anthony Morris
Directed by Peter Fisk.

A medivac to a women's prison during a riot results in Wayne, Tom, and Macy being taken hostage by two inmates who demand use of their chopper. Tom is upset when one of the prisoners is killed by a police sniper, and visits the woman's daughter after the siege. Macy returns safely to the hospital, too tired to argue with Roy about the danger she puts herself in. Meanwhile, a teenage girl, Nikki, collapses in front of Harry. Admitted suffering from burns to her arms, Nikki soon lapses into an unusual catatonic state that is broken by periodic outbursts of rage. Her father tells Arch that he thinks she's been hanging around with Satanists. Nikki is terrified by Marina and becomes so violent she has to be restrained, leading Arch to broach the possibility of demonic possession with Marina. Unable to simply fire Oopy, Julia tries to make him quit by assigning him to the supply closet. Harry tries to give Bree a gift to thank her for saving his life.

Guest Cast: Lenka Kripac as Nikki Kershaw, Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Simon Buruill-Holmes as Nikki's father, Delen Butland as Alice, Michael Dicken as Snipe, Karen Gibb as Sammy, Barbara Lowing as Bano, Joshua McAvoy as Boy with dog, Chey-enne Walsh as Kylie.

Gates To The Kingdom (Part 2 of 3)

Episode 29
Canada: July 29, 1998
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage.

Harry and the Emergency staff are surprised when Monsignor Duval is asked to by a psychiatrist to exorcise Nikki. With Nikki's symptoms continuing to elude Arch, Julia and Harry to decide the exorcism may help. Marina is doubtful about possession and the devil but is convinced by the Monsignor to be present during the ritual. As the exorcism progresses, Arch and Marina hallucinate, the Monsignor collapses, forcing Marina to finish the exorcism. Nikki is fine, but the Monsignor suffers a ruptured stomach ulcer. Harry takes Bree out to dinner, which is interrupted by Arch on the phone, who has just seen the results of Nikki's blood tests. It's very strange. Tom treats a woman suffering from orgasmic sneezing.

Guest Cast: Lenka Kripac as Nikki Kershaw, Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Sean Scully as Monsignor Duval, Justine Anderson as Candy, Brian Hinzlewood as Lester, Simon Burvill-Holmes as Ross Kershaw (Nikki's Father).

The Promise (Part 3 of 3)

Episode 30
Canada: August 05, 1998
Written by Marcia Gardner
Directed by Rob Stewart.

The Emergency department is quarantined when Nikki's blood tests show a strange antibody that may be a mutated rabbit calicivirus. While Tom and Arch search for answers, Nikki takes a turn for the worse. A second batch of blood tests shows no antibody, but despite Arch's best efforts, Nikki dies, hinting that the devil has returned. Meanwhile, Marina uses a medivac chopper to collect blood samples in Nikki's outback town, something the pilot, Dave, sees as a waste of emergency services. On the return journey, Dave spots a ute on fire in bush. As they lift off with the injured driver in the chopper, the ute explodes, sending shards of debris through the chopper floor and injuring Dave's eyes. With only minimal sight left, Dave relies on Marina to guide the chopper to safety. After coming so close to death and surviving through teamwork, Marina and Dave begin to share an intimate bond. Wayne attempts to sneak out of the quarantined hospital so that he can attend a stamp auction.

Guest Cast: Lenka Kripac as Nikki Kershaw, Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Andrew McKaige as Dave Callen, Angela Twigg as Madeline.

The Sleep Of Reason

Episode 31
Canada: August 12, 1998
Written by Graham Hartley
Directed by Peter Fisk.

Bree is late to work after spending the night with Harry. After Harry sends her roses and cooks her dinner, the relationship becomes more than a one night stand. Meanwhile, Dave tells Marina he can't be a pilot because of his eye damage. She's thrown into confusion when Dave professes his love for her. An old friend of Julia's, Dr. Cliff Haughton, is suspected of causing a car accident and is attacked in the ER by the girlfriend of a man who died in the accident. Arch uncovers the truth and coaxes the real perpetrator to come forward. A discrepancy in the department's drug supply puts Julia on the hunt for a drug thief. The culprit turns out to be the one she least suspected: Tom. He took the morphine as a desperate measure after a long shift prevented him from using his home supply of drugs to kill the pain of his cancer. Taken aback, Julia offers to become Tom's doctor.

Guest Cast: Paul Mercurio as Roy Fields, Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Andrew McKaige as Dave Callen, Angela Twigg as Madeline, John Orscik as Dr. Cliff Haughton, John Halpin as Rodney, Steve Lovewell as Sgt. Allan Lucas, Jo Thomas as Claire.

Note: Harry's Print is The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters by Francisco Goya.

All The Saints And Angels

Episode 32
Canada: August 19, 1998
Written by Matt Ford
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage.

Marina has dinner with Dave, but bolts after she kisses him. She goes on a dangerous medivac to a collapsed mine, and after risking her life to go underground into the unstable mine in order to help a trapped man, watching helplessly as he dies before her, decides that life is too precious to waste. But in the meantime, Dave leaves her a note at work calling it off. After reading the note, Marina turns up at Dave's house and the pair end up kissing passionately. Meanwhile, a jockey riding one of Julia's horses dies after a fall in a race, and is pronounced brain dead. The man's mother is vehemently opposed to Tom's suggestion of organ donation, but Tom, frustrated by her refusal to consider the benefits to others, forges the organ donation papers and then pays off the woman so that she won't sue the hospital. Meanwhile, Harry and Bree try to remain cool under constant pressure from Julia and Macy. Sick of innuendo, Harry brings their relationship into the open by offering Bree a lift home in his car in front of a crowd of staff.

Guest Cast: Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Andrew McKaige as Dave Callen, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Gael Ballantyne as Mrs Miles, Paul Cantoni as Frank, Tony Coetzee as Cecil, Kimaya Kelly as Lucia, Brook Swanton as Andrew "Snapper" Miles, David Vallon as Reg Van Ewik.

Second Chance

Episode 33
Canada: August 24, 1998
Written by Garrett Russell
Directed by Rob Stewart.

Marina spends the night at Dave's place. She tells Dave she's thinking about leaving her Religious Order. Unsure what to do next and unable to stay at the Sister's house, she turns to Arch for support. Meanwhile, Arch's life as a rebel comes to a crashing halt when Madeleine tells him she's pregnant. Arch begins to idealise his new role as father, and proposes to Madeleine. But Madeleine's sure that Arch wouldn't propose if she wasn't pregnant and rejects him: she wants the baby not the husband. Wayne's 30th birthday lunch ends in a bout of food poisoning for the entire ER staff. Bree and Gosia, both unaffected, narrow the cause down to the curry at the restaurant down the street. The restaurant owner, a close friend of Julia's, tries to persuade her not to report the incident to the Department of Health and promises to take care of the problem herself. When a wealthy benefactor dies before signing a $330,000 check intended for a long awaited new x-ray machine, Tom forges the man's signature on the check to give him his "bit of immortality."

Guest Cast: Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Andrew McKaige as Dave Callen, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Robert Brunning as Byron Buchan Skrote, Iain Gradiner as Cowboy, Rainee Skinner as Kristl, Ryan Van Dyke as Matt.

Note: 1998 AGSC Screen Music Award Nominee for "Best music for a television series or serial": Roger Mason and the 1997 Queensland Awards Winner for "Telefeatures, TV Drama & Mini Series": Silver: Gene Moller ACS.


Episode 34
Canada: August 25, 1998
Written by Keith Aberdein & Tony Cavanaugh
Directed by Peter Fisk.

During an unusually quiet graveyard shift, Gosia personally welcomes new intern Sean Michaels to the hospital. In dramatic fashion, Oopy announces he is quitting to become a successful cosmetic surgeon in Hollywood. Harry proposes to Bree, she accepts. Meanwhile, Wayne spots a light on in an abandoned building across the street from the hospital and sends Peter across to investigate. When Peter disappears, Wayne is next to enter the abandoned building and gets stuck in the lift. Roy and Marina arrive to rescue him and locate Peter. Together with Arch, the group finds a computer set up in the room spotted by Wayne. Wayne plays with the keys on the keyboard and activates an illegal fund transfer of $80 billion from Swiss bank accounts. Two twins treated after suffering nearly simultaneous heart attacks leave the hospital a sizable donation.

Guest Cast: Paul Mercurio as Roy Fields, Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Andrew McKaige as Dave Callen, Jeffrey Hardy as Gabriel/Manny.

Last Sacrament

Episode 35
Canada: August 26, 1998
Written by Adam Todd
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage.

Macy develops a bad headache and forgets to order blood for a patient. Arch sends her home to rest, but she has an accident coming out of the carpark. After treating Macy for the accident injuries, the Bethlehem West staff are more concerned about the headache. The doctors insist Radiology and Pathology rush through Macy's results. The radiologists give Macy a clean bill of health but she has a seizure on the way back to Emergency. A lumbar puncture reveals bleeding in Macy's brain — not a good sign. A repeat of the CT scan reveals an aneurysm. But a neurosurgeon isn't available until the next morning. Roy and Macy are left alone to talk, but Macy is forgetting words, including her daughter's names. Macy asks Marina to give her the Last Rites. During the Rites Macy's aneurysm bursts. The team fight to save her but she dies from a blood clot lodged in her heart. Roy and the team stand together over Macy, a part of their family. Wayne is devastated. During Macy's decline, Harry and Bree have been organising their wedding. They put off the event for a week in honour of Macy. At the wedding, Wayne tells Julia his intention to leave the Department after a leave of absence, and will probably go into research, where there are no patients to deal with.

Guest Cast: Paul Mercurio as Roy Fields, Jean-Marc Russ as Peter, Angela Twigg as Madeline, Andrew McKaige as Dave Callan, Katherine Lyall-Watson as Radiographer, James Kable as Neuro Registrar, Ron Kelly as Radiologist, Greg Buck as Ambo, Scarlett North-Remati & Cassie O'Brien as Flower Girls