Medivac: quotes

All quotations are either single character statements or two character dialogues. The order of names in the descriptions indicates the first speaker with changes indicated by a double slash ( // ).

Episode 1

Resigned to his fate, Harry tells Julia about his plans to leave:

"I'm going to leave, I'm going to resign… If I don't they'll throw me out… I'm leaving on my own terms. I've called a board meeting for tonight. I'm going to ambush them, I should have done it ages ago. I'm going to resign, you're going to take my place. You, Julia, are going to become my director of emergency."

Forced by the board to appoint Red as his successor, Harry tells Macy what happened:

"They humiliated me! You want to know the truth? Well here it is. When I got to that board room, they'd already hired Red. They hired Red bloody weeks ago. I've been undermined! I've been screwed! I had to stand out there and pretend I was happy. A glass of Johnny Walker Blue, a pat on the back and thank-you very much Harry but you're no longer needed. 'New blood Harry,' is what they said, 'A new vision.' You know Red? He's famous he is. The Red Adair of emergency departments all around the country. Now your $10 million plan has been approved. Red can implement it, Red can take all the glory. They tried to placate me by telling me first. I've been thrown on the ash heap. I had plans!"

Episode 2

Harry to Red:

"You'll make a terrific director Red, but you'll always be in my shadow. And guess what… you'll never step out of it."

Red explaining his appointment to Julia:

"I've been brought in to take over the department, turn it around, make it one of the best in the country. And then I'm out of here, you get your directorship. Will you stay? I meant what I said, I need you."

Wayne to Julia regarding her being passed over in favour of Red:

"You know I'm right. Pretend otherwise but you know it's a humiliation. The only way of preserving your dignity is to claim what is rightfully yours, and I'll be there Julia, when you need me. I'll always support you."

Wayne talks to Julia about her being passed over for the Directorship:

"He races cars, vroom vroom, rally cars, our new director I'm talking about… I don't like him very much, what about you? // I think he'll be very good. // God, you're so acquiescent. Last night you wanted the job and now you're his lap dog. // I am not, I didn't get the job, it's that simple. // You're better then him, it's outrageous, an insult, you must agree. // It's hardly a model for good staff management relations but there's no sense fretting over what's been done. It's done, he's here. // Spoken like a true victim."

Episode 3

Wayne to Julia after conversations with Marina and Bree:

"Interns and nurses, life would be so peaceful without them."

Harry smugly tells Red of his new position as his boss:

"Congratulate me, I've just become Bethlehem West's chief executive officer."

Darryl Kickbush, he started a brawl in the pub where Arch's band was playing, to Arch as he treats him:

"Who are you? // Me? I'm the drummer! Don't you remember me? I'm the drummer who can't drum, in the band that can't sing, can't keep tune, do you remember? I'm the one who's really, really, really sick of guys who try and impress their girlfriends by fighting with the band. // What are you going to do to me? // I don't know man! I'm just a crazy no talent muso. Somehow I wound up in the emergency department… // I need a doctor! // Jerks don't get a doctor, jerks just get a drummer!"

Episode 4

Red telling Wayne he's not right for ER medicine:

"When I look at you Wayne, I see a man who should be somewhere else. You are a talented, talented doctor and for whatever reason, you seem to have found yourself parked in emergency on the way to somewhere where you would be happy. // Are you trying to get rid of me? // I am actually, yeah. I want you to leave because I don't believe you are an emergency doctor. You don't belong where patience and compassion are paramount. For whatever reason, they don't seem to come easily to you. Now that's fine, as long as you're in research or teaching. Just so long as you're away from my patients."

Episode 5

Peter gets philosophical upon hearing that Arch has lost his lucky drumsticks:

"As is the garden, such is the gardener. // What? // As it is that your drumsticks are lost, so too you are lost. // What?"

Bree responds to Marina after she tells Bree her faith won't allow her to compassionately end a patients life:

"Beliefs? God? The same god that gives us cystic fibrosis in children? Parkinson's disease, cancer, Aids, meningitis // The very same // The very same 'caring' god that runs over small children in front of their mothers. The god that holds you from ending a dying man's agony. How could you believe in a god like that!?"

Episode 6

Arch to Bree regarding the members of the fellowship of emergency workers:

"They ARE a bunch of dinosaurs… big T-rexes… and I'm waiting for the comet."

Episode 7

Wayne's outing of Marina as they discuss an elderly patient Marina is lingering over:

"…Buff her! // What? // Buff her! Make her sound attractive to another hospital. Give her suspected equine virus, you'll have every hospital in town lining up to take her. Or does that present a problem for you? // No. // No ethical dilemma of a religious kind? Make a decision, you can't be a nun and a doctor at the same time!"

Marina to Wayne after he has her inform the family of the death of one of his patients:

"Don't think that I'm about to become a vessel for your inadequacies. // Don't preach to me, I'm not interested. As a nun who happens to be a doctor, how can you reconcile the virgin birth, or water into wine, or the resurrection? // Easy. // Scientifically you must accept they're physical impossibilities. // Science thought the world was flat. // And is a caring god your God? Is He? Working in an emergency department with all the suffering and the sorrow you see here everyday must really reaffirm that. // It reaffirms my desire to help. // Very noble. // You should try it Wayne, your wife's death from cancer could lead to emptiness, bitterness, or it could lead to compassion. // Get out!"

Macy's prophetic advice to Marina when people start treating her differently:

"Make them see YOU."

Episode 8

Julia to Danny while taking his medical history:

"Any family history of chronic head pains? // Old man blew his head off with a .32 calibre army rifle. Guess that could qualify as head pain, more acute than chronic though."

Julia and Danny:

"At this stage I'd say your problem is most likely to be stress related. // I've got no job, my wife doesn't know, I've got mortgage repayments coming out my ass, got a head full of angry bees, I'm subsidising the entire Kentucky distilling industry, and just at the moment, I'm trying to figure out how I can get my hands on a cheap .22 and three little bullets for it. Yeah, I guess you could say it was stress related."

Oopy upon hearing the word 'patient':

"I am a moron"

Harry to Julia after Danny is released:

"You cannot lock them all up Julia… One in a million will buy the gun, you can't lock up the others just because they might."

Episode 9

Gosia to the gunman as she disarms him:

"You're not going to shoot me. You want to know why you're not going to shoot me? … 'cause I'm better than you."

Episode 10

Red to Harry after hearing that the ER will be placed on bypass:

"You're shroud waving! The government threatens to cut funds to the hospital, you close wards and the people start getting very nervous about the state of their health system. The government then gets worried that they're losing the support of their electorate, then hey, presto, no more cuts to Harry's budget!"

Wayne to Roy who is considering getting a vasectomy::

"One still has all the joys of intercourse without those dreadful side effects. // Kids? // Loathsome little things, I'm sure yours are very nice."

Wayne to Bree after being told to 'get a life' and that 'holding onto his date' would be a good start:

"she died… my date… my wife. I can't help it! 'I'll have two tickets thanks.' It's a pretense you see. I can't just sit at home. I've got to get out. I've got to carry on as though nothing has happened… go to the theater."

Episode 11

Wayne to a patient in the ER as he looks over the man's x-rays:

"This is a disaster, you'll be lucky to get out of here alive."

Wayne to Julia after she tells him of her needle stick:

"I will not stand by and watch my colleague, friend, be put through this // There's nothing you can do // I can do anything I want… we look after them, we save them, do they care? Do they have any responsibility to us?"

Episode 12

Wayne pleading to Julia for her to support him at his trial:

"I don't ask for much, just a little support, a little compassion. Do you know what it is like to be the most unpopular doctor in the department? Have you any idea what it is to be a joke. I've had to endure that all my life."

Gosia telling Wayne what it'll take for her to lie for him:

"What if I wanted you to kneel naked in front of me in the middle of emergency and beg my forgiveness for your insufferable arrogance and self righteous pomposity, would you do that?"

Oopy upon getting a taste of revenge, served chilled:

"Who pissed in my drink!"

Episode 13

Jane Buchanan tells Red she's pregnant:

"…there's no easy way to say this, I'm pregnant…Red, listen, this wasn't meant to happen. I've been seeing somebody else. It wasn't serious, well it was, but… Red it's his child."

Red at Jane's bedside after her false labour:

"I'm going to say this once, and it will never be spoken of again. You hurt me, you made me very angry. You deprived me of a gift - my child. But I've got rid of that anger and I realize now it's you that I love. It's that simple. You're a part of me, that baby inside of you is as much mine as it is yours."

Episode 14

Julia confronts Arch about him splitting his time between his band and his job:

"I don't need a drummer in a band of losers, I need a doctor who's here when he needs to be."

Julia responds to Oopy's outburst (he called her a ballbreaker) after being told he failed his internship:

"You're the worst kind of intern there is. You're lazy, you take shortcuts, and you're not careful when it comes to the assessment and treatment of patients. You seem to only care about yourself, and look at that idiotic fiasco regarding the charges you laid against Macy. You're a danger to yourself let alone the patients, and you've been told time and again not to touch them without supervision and you ignore that. I can't inflict your arrogance and incompetence onto another department, or the community who need and desire better, and as much as it galls me to have you around for another internship, it's safer than allowing you to move on."

Episode 15

Red's final words to Marina, the words that later make her rescind her resignation:

"These hands, they save lives, feel them! Your hands save lives, I can feel them. No matter what you think of your god at this present time, he blessed you with that gift. Forsake Him and we all lose."

Wayne in passing to Macy and Marina after her accident:

"If God lived on Earth, people would break his windows."

Episode 16

Dr. Dexter Haben regarding his use of an infected liver for a transplant (Harry interjecting):

"Look, bad luck about the virus, but nobody became infected // What about Frank! // Well yeah, Frank, but Frank died three months ago, yellow with jaundice and dying of chronic liver failure. You're telling me I killed a dead man."

Episode 17

Wayne to the distraught father pointing a gun at Danny Haywood, the man who killed his daughter:

"Shoot him! He's a cold blooded killer and deserves to die, so shoot him! Then shoot me, I saved his life before so I'm guilty too, shoot me. Then shoot her [pointing to Julia], she let him walk free months ago when he should have been committed, shoot her too, shoot her dead! And everyone else, shoot us all dead until you're out of bullets, then the police will shoot you dead."

Episode 18

Gosia responds to John's statement that he thought he made her happy:

"Happy? You have got to be joking! I was bored, bored out of my mind with you and your precious, bloody Alice Springs. I hated it, I hated everything about it, from the heat to your stupid beer drinking friends. And you, with your big boots and your big hands, you couldn't make me happy. The truth is I never loved you, and I haven't wasted a moment of my life thinking about you since I left!"

Wayne to Julia en route to another electocution:

"If two swamp people get divorced, does that mean they are still cousins?"

Episode 19

Peter to himself prior to the attack on Oopy's clinic:

"I have a moral objection to the law that allows unnecessary cosmetic surgery, that is why I am now about to break the law."

Bree and Gosia, not so high over Oopy's clinic:

"Bombs away!"

Episode 20

Oopy and Julia as they discuss his moonlighting at the cosmetic surgery institute:

"You know, if you like, you could perhaps pop down sometime for a consultation and maybe do a little work around the eyes or… // Excuse me? // Well that area under the eyes there, if you have any concerns over the excess skin situation, we could allay those concerns, perhaps with a, you know, very simple procedure, very safe. // You're saying I've got bags under my eyes. And with this 'simple' procedure, that you claim is so very safe, there is no chance, no chance what so ever I'll find myself in ICU with raging septicaemia? // No, not at all. // They won't have to cut away my necrotised flesh as they did one of your clients - Sonia Doherty? // I can't be held responsible for that. Sonia was given specific instructions regarding the care of her dressings. She did not follow our instructions. And personally, I believe that girl has a problem with her personal hygiene. It is unfortunate… // Get out of her you weasel! // What did I say? // Get out of here!"

Episode 21

Arch to Bree as they discuss Fran's alien abduction story:

"The fish is the last one to know it lives in water"

and Wayne's response to those quick to believe:

"Without skepticism we end up believing in everything, and science has no hope. It is to lead again into a dark age, a demon-haunted world."

Wayne comforting Fran after she tells him her husband died.

"To lose somebody that you love is terrible. My wife died three years ago. // I'm sorry // It's just that the pain of the loss can sometimes have a strange way of manifesting itself. // How was it with you? // I became distant, removed, I still am."

Episode 22

Dexter Haben in conversation with Julia:

"I put the infected baboon's liver in Frank for the benefit of medical research. I gave him another six months, in that time he got married, made love, saw the sun rise. Gee, am I that bad?"

Wayne and Arch:

"Where is my hat? // In the laundry… // Why is my hat in the laundry? // Someone shat in it. The reason I'm giving you this lesson in immunology Wayne is because behaved very stupidly with Julia before. Shooting your mouth off about the equine virus, not a good idea since you want to get into her pants. // That is disgusting, why would somebody do that to my hat?"

Episode 23

Bree to Marina after the premature baby Marina was asked to baptize dies:

"We can't baptize the dead."

Gosia enters the staff lounge to find Wayne standing over his pizza studying it:

"It's called a pizza, you eat. // I am reminded of Elvis Presley. // Yeah, he was into pizzas too. // Of his toxicology to be exact. Just look at this vast jumble of food all thrown together in a random but deliberate manner. All the ingredients are assembled to create a peculiarly individual culinary sensation. It's just the same as with Elvis. It's fascinating really, just imagine, this is Elvis's body the day after he was found dead. Elival, Aventyl, Codeine, Morphine, Methaqualone, Valium, Ethinamate… // How do you know all this? // I was a huge Elvis fan. Nembutal, Carbrital, Ethychlorahol, Demerol… // You, an Elvis fan? // One other, yes, Amobarbital. There are more ingredients in his body than on my pizza, it's a marvel really. Yes I was, not any more. You see, I don't really like fat people. And though I admire the music, I do find it repugnant that he abused his body with all those vial chemicals. // Don't tell me you danced to his music? // Well I didn't sleep to it! // Sing me something. // Certainly not! // Oh come on Wayne, please. // No // What other music do you like? // If you're endeavoring to engage in social conversation it can cease! I am not interested, I was merely passing on a scientific observation. // Gee Wayne, you're just too much fun. // Yes, disgusting Elvis."

Episode 24

Wayne to Monsignor Duval regarding the supposed miraculous recovery of a patient:

"If her faith was going to save her, why would God have given her cancer in the first place? It's illogical, either God's perverse or he's just a showoff."

Harry confronts Dr. Delamere about the accusations he's levied against Arch:

"Let's cut the horseshit Dave. It's not Craven you're after, by attacking the department you're wanting to humiliate me… Oh I know how you must have felt at the time, but it's water under the bridge… If you want me to beg for absolution I will, just stop this attack… Christ David, it was never serious, it was almost five years ago! So I had an affair with your wife, let's just forget it. // I didn't know.

Episode 25

Wayne at the accident scene with the injured bus driver standing nearby:

"Negligence! If you want to see negligence, this is negligence. How could anyone be so stupid as to stall a bus in the middle of an intersection like this. If this bus driver isn't dead, he should be!"

Gosia and Wayne as they look at an x-ray of the drug mule's condom filled bowels:

"Do you think we have some sort of parasite here Wayne? // No, but I fear they're being carried by one."

Julia admonishes Wayne for his statements at the accident scene, Gosia observes:

"This job is not an open invitation for you to expound your own private views on what is right or wrong with the world. The most important thing here is the patient's welfare, not your own personal morality."

Gosia to Wayne in a busy Resus room after he calls the police about the drug mule despite Gosia's objection:

"Look, I heard what Julia said about you before and she was right! You have got to take some responsibility for the lives of people who have the unfortunate misfortune to cross your path!"

Episode 26

Arch and his mother:

"I have never put your father ahead of you. // Bullshit! You have always put him ahead of me. It's always been you and him. //… I took your father's side because he had no one else. I couldn't take your side against him, I couldn't do that to him. // But you could do it to me? // I thought you were stronger than he was, but I was wrong. All your independence is just a cover up. You're really just like him."

Wayne to Arch as he tries to understand what went wrong in his treatment of Brendan Keyes:

"A hundred years ago, ninety percent of the people who come through those doors would have died of their injuries. Today they live. We know that by all logic they should be dead, and they would be, if it weren't for us. So don't ever think we fail just because we lose one. // I'm sure you're right Wayne, I just don't know how to explain that to Brendan Keyes' mother."

Episode 27 "Romeo and Juliet"

Wayne to Shaneen and Armalite in the bank upon seeing their baby carriage:

"They allow people like you to breed?"

Wayne quoting Romeo and Juliet to Marina as she tries to reconcile the shooting:

"A greater power than we can contradict hath thwarted our intents."

Note: this line is from Act 5, Scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet. Placed in context it is even more interesting:

I hear some noise. Lady, come from that nest
Of death, contagion, and unnatural sleep:
A greater power than we can contradict
Hath thwarted our intents. Come, come away.
Thy husband in thy bosom there lies dead;
And Paris too. Come, I'll dispose of thee
Among a sisterhood of holy nuns:
Stay not to question, for the watch is coming;
Come, go, good Juliet,
I dare no longer stay.

Episode 28 "Into The Abyss"

Oopy to Julia after she assigns him to the supply closet:

"This isn't going to stop me! I'm still going to be a doctor. I'm still going to be a bloody good doctor and I'm gonna earn a lot more money and be a lot more successful than you people ever dreamed of in your tiny little lives!"

Tom and Bano in the prison:

"So you've started something like this, you think you've got to see it through to the end, fair enough. You think you're dead, fair enough. But you've got to think about the living, who gets left behind. When you're gonna die they start to become really important. // You're talking like a dead man yourself."

Episode 29 "Gates to the Kingdom"

Lying in a hospital bed, Nikki beckons Harry closer and whispers in his ear:

"Redheads, they're the man's weakness"

Gosia upon hearing one of Candy's orgasmic sneezes:

"I think I might go and… smell the roses."

Tom and Wayne discussing the clinical aspect of orgasmic sneezing:

"You've come across this before? // I had a patient once, a male, mid thirties, gambling fanatic. Every time he yawned he… // Came up trumps? // Something like that, yes. It turns out that it was caused by the antidepressants he was taking. // Outstanding."

Monsignor Duval address Marina and Arch before the exorcism, Arch interjects at the end:

"You have to realize that we are putting ourselves, our souls, on the line here. Things could get seriously ugly, and there will be consequences. No matter what Marina, hold on to your belief. // I'll just imagine I'm on the X-Files."

Episode 30 "The Promise"

Arch and Nikki (the promise):

"The lab saw something in your blood that we need to check on. // Something bad? // Probably not. // You'll tell me if there is won't you? Promise you'll be straight with me. // I will."

Macy and Harry as the staff discusses the rabbit virus:

"The government would not release a virus unless they were certain it was safe. // Your innocence Macy, is truly touching."

Arch and Julia discussing Nikki's statement that she felt "him" return:

"What do you think she meant by 'him'? // I can't think of a more effective way to throw humanity into panic and chaos than to unleash mysterious and unpredictable viruses. // You don't believe… // I was just thinking… if I was the devil…"

Episode 31 "The Sleep Of Reason"

Bree and Marina:

"What would happen if you fell in love? // I did fall in love. I have someone that I trust and who takes care of me. // But God doesn't smell good or keep you warm at night, or cry in your arms. Sorry. last night the guy, the man I'm seeing, he was talking about his father's death, how he couldn't cry. Then all of a sudden, completely out of the blue, he starts weeping and I'm holding him and he needed me and it just took my breath away. I didn't want to be anywhere else in the world. If God gives you that, you're a much better person than I am."

Episode 32 "All The Saints And Angels"

Tom and Mrs. Miles after Tom forged her son's organ donation papers:

"We did our best. Mrs. Miles, I'm sorry. // I don't care what you're saying, you did something illegal and I should get compensation. // Is that this is about - money? // I know how this works. I should get compensation, you owe me. // How much do you want. // What? // How much! Five grand? Ten grand? // I'll get a whole lot more than that when we go to court! // And you'll lose it all again when the lawyer's bill arrives… This is a cheque for ten thousand dollars, take it, and you walk away."

Episode 33 "Second Chance"

Wayne and Julia after she gave her friend a break when the staff got food poisoning at her restaurant:

"That's very impressive. There you went across that street breathing fire. Odyssia bent on justice, righting the wrong, cleansing the kingdom, and what have you come back with? // What I set out to achieve. // A groveling apology and a rubbish bin full of bacteria, bravo! // There is no further danger to public health! // Doesn't that sound official. The sort of statement the Department of Health would release, after appropriate investigation. // Haven't you ever bent the rules for the good of all concerned? // I have to say, I thought you were a perfect human being Julia, but I am deeply disillusioned. // Blow it out your ear Wayne!"

Byron Buchan Skrote and Harry as they discuss remuneration for his donation:

"The Buchan Skrote Emergency Center, it's got a nice ring to it. // Yes, yes it has Byron but I have to negotiate the form of acknowledgement with the board. // Well they ought to know that I'm not going to fork over 300 grand just for a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Anytime I want that I can piss in my pants for free."

Episode 34 "Silence"

Wayne tells Gosia about "the light":

"There's a light on in that building. // A light, electric light? God, they'll be running water next. // That building is empty, deserted, has been for years. But on the fifth floor a light is on. // Probably squatters, New Zealand boat people, porno film crew. // Porno film crew!"

Oopy tells Julia how he feels about the way she's treating him

"I've just to say Julia, I can't take it. // Was that it? // I went to university and I studied medicine and I passed, that makes me a doctor, and under the laws of the land I'm allowed to treat patients. You are breaking the law! // So sue me! When they see precisely what I've been protecting them from, I think you'll find a grateful nation will award me heroic damages and probably both your ears!"

Oopy walks into the ER and in dramatic fashion announces that he's leaving:

"Everybody! I am out of here. Out of the nightmare of emergency, Bethlehem West, Australia. As of this moment I am a cosmetic surgaon at the practices of Hiltonwood & Hiltonwood, North Hollywood, Los Angeles. You people never understood what medicine was all about - money! And I'm about to make a shit load of it!"

Episode 35 "Last Sacrament"

In my opinion this was the best episode of the series and can't be reduced to a simple quotation. Absolutely brilliant.

Episode 36 "Duty Of Care"

Evie's advice to Gosia about becoming Nurse Manager.

"I'm sure if you went and spoke to Julia in a really diplomatic and caring way, she'd give you a fair hearing."

Gosia "diplomatically and caringly" approaches Julia about becoming Nurse Manager.

"Sooner or later you're going to have to appoint a new nurse manager. // Yes // Well, I'm it! // You? // I'm the new nurse manager. // When did I decide this Gosia? // Well I've talked to all the other nurses and they've given Eric the thumbs down, so it looks like I've got the job!"

and Julia tells Arch what she thinks about Gosia's approach.

"She just walked into my office and, didn't ask, told me, announced she was the new nurse manager. // And what did you say? // Well what could I say, I was amazed, appalled, who does that woman think she is! // That's our Gosia. So, are you going to give her the job? // You can't be serious? // She's been good, why not? // Because I've just appointed Eric Frost! // Because Gosia has annoyed you. // [slams her office door on Arch]"

Stella and Professor Wachtel

"You've done this before? // Every time I eat pork. I teach Jewish Studies but I just can't help myself, I'm crazy about pork. 'Why me?' I ask, 'why Lord have you afflicted me with such a vice?'"

Episode 37 "Sharing The Blame"

Arch counsels Sean on how to handle Eric.

" I know why you couldn't defib Mr. Kryzych, because Eric refused to assist you. // I know, I should have waited for him right? // No, you should have told him to get off his big fat bureaucratic ass and give you a hand. // Hey, I tried. // And he fobbed you off? // He said he'd catch me up. // Same thing. So, next time he fobs you off, how are you going to deal with it? // Ah, I'll tell him that I'm a doctor and if he doesn't do as I ask he could be putting a patients life at risk. // No bad, and when he still fobs you off, reminds you that you are a lowly intern and he's nurse manager? // I'll ask him again… // No, you won't ask him, you'll tell him… // I'll tell him that if he doesn't do as I ask I'll take the matter further. // And when he asks you if you are threatening him? // I'm not sure. // You'll agree, and you'll add a second threat, the one about the size ten intubation tube up his ass. // I was actually thinking size fifteen. // Good. Mate we all know what it's like to be an intern okay? Don't let it get to you or you'll drown."

Episode 38 "Protection"

Julia to Arch, Stella, and Gosia after they all accept responsibility for covertly treating Stella's brother.

"Your collective urge to confess is positively papal but I'm running this department thank you, and I'll decide who gets shot at dawn!"

Arch questions Julia's treatment of Stella after she wouldn't report her brother to the police

"So tell me Julia, how different is her decision to protect her brother from yours when you thought your horses were going to be put down? Remember, the equine virus. You'll correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to remember your exact words were 'I'll do anything to protect my horses.' And something about 'even at the risk of patients.' // You bastard. // Why? You're not even related to your horses, it's her brother for Christ's sake. You're not related to your horses are you?"

Dave to Arch when he pays his a visit

"So, does Marina have anything to do with this visit? // No // Well you didn't come here to sell me a Harley so… // Go to church with her. // What, is this relationship counseling? // It's about caring about someone who's a little confused. // She won't let me go to church with her. // She won't let me hand my undies up in the lounge room. Just remember, blokes like you and me, we've been playing this game for years, since we were kids. She's been cloistered away that whole time. This whole thing is new to her. // Don't think I'm not aware of her giving up her religious order for me. // There is one other little thing to remember. // What? // If you hurt her, even by mistake, I'll break your legs."

Episode 39 "Pity"

Sean and Arch as they crawl on the floor looking for Kelly's severed finger.

"Which finger was it? // Ah, left hand ring finger. // All three phalanges or… // No, just below the second knuckle. // Clean cut? // Yeah, pretty clean. Should regain full movement, if we can find the missing digit. // You know, you'd think she'd choose one of the outside ones don't you? A thumb or a pinky or something. It'd be easier to get at with bone cutters. // You don't wear wedding rings on those fingers mate."

Marina and Tom discuss Kelly and Andrew Leary's relationship.

"They've been married for eight years, it's got to bore than pity. // Pity's my guess. // He told me that he loves her so much that it hurts. You can't base a marriage on pity. // Why not? Pity, passion, propriety - any or all of the above in any combination, that's all you need. My dad taught me that. // Well your dad's wrong. I think that he loves her. // Maybe he does, so what? Any emotion is love if you mean it enough. // What made you so cynical. // There's always some emotional basket case looking for an invalid to made then feel important. // Tom, what would you know? // Educated guess."

Episode 40 "Calling The Shots"

Arch and Marina as he unpacks his mostly meat groceries:

"You don't get a body like this from tofu. // Or arteries."

A light-hearted conversation between Arch and Marina, again over the groceries:

"Did you ever play butcher shops with plastacine? When I was a kid, I used to make up my little chops, sausages, slice 'em all up, put 'em in my shop front. // The only thing that I ever made from plastacine was elephants. // Elephants? // Well it was gray, the plastacine was gray. // Plastacine goes gray when you mix the colours together. // We didn't have any other colours. That was at school anyway and I don't remember other colours. // Elephants?"

Episode 41 "Denial"

Julia and Tom regarding his cancer:

"Life would be a lot easier if Arch knew. // So he could feel sorry for me? // No, so he can understand. // Only one way to understand Julia."

Entering the staff room, Tom vents his frustrations on an unsuspecting Sean:

"G'day, I'm just making a coffee, you want one? Herbal tea maybe, It's better for you, in case you're tired or something. // How old are you Sean? // 24 // And what do you want to do with the rest of your life? I mean have you got plans, dreams? // No not really, I've never been much of a planner. // Take it as it comes eh? Plenty of time, all that stuff? // Yeah, something like that. // Well that's about the most pathetic thing I ever heard. // What? // Get a life! Have you got a girlfriend? // Ah, no // What kind of loser are you? Mr. 51%, that's what you called yourself isn't it? Scared of the patients that's what you told me isn't it? Take-it-as-it-comes Sean, look out here he comes, Sean Michaels, man without plans or dreams, couldn't-care-less Sean. Why don't you just get out of here you little twerp!"

Julia strides into Tom's house, past him lying on the floor and into the kitchen:

"I'm cooking enchiladas. // You hate enchiladas. // I do, it's true. In fact I think they're vile. I think Mexican food is a joke. Do you know, my first boyfriend took me to a Mexican restaurant on our first date? And I remember thinking, like where's the wine list? Where are the waiters in their white, starched linen jackets? Is he trying to impress me or is this a joke? It's hardly serious food is it?"

Episode 42 "Feet Of Clay"

Arch talks to Stella after her brother dies:

"Take a few days off work. // I don't want to take time off work. I'm scared if I do that I won't come back. // Don't lose faith on me Stella. // Faith? Faith in what Arch? In medicine? 'Cause it is already too late. // We did what we could. It doesn't get any easier, I won't pretend that. You're going to be a good doctor Stella, but you can't wave a magic wand and stop people from dying. The majority of patients we get in here are already half way there. In the end all you can do is try. // Win some, lose some? He was my brother Arch! // And the next one will be a little kid, or a baby, someone else's brother, someone's wife. // It wasn't someone else's brother it was mine! I feel like something is dead in me, 'cause we failed, you failed. Everything I believed in failed. // And if you can't handle that, if you can't handle that then you give up, give up now. And if that works you come back, you tell me, I'll join you. But that won't happen, because you were made to do this. Like it or hate it. Just like me. // What do I do? // Deal with it."

Ernie to Arch:

"Knew a bloke in Vietnam, good doctor he was. End of the day, he'd sit down and cry his eyes out. Everyday. Sensitive. // Casualties? // Hemorrhoids, worst case I've ever seen."

Episode 43 "Code Purple"

Arch to Julia (numerous times) whenever one of her decisions favour Tom:

"Whatever you think's a fair thing."

Julia to a semiconscious Tom lying in a hospital bed:

"Not that this is the time for secrets, or lies, but I just lied to Arch. I have been excluding him, probably because I've been lying to myself. You may not remember this in the morning but there was something I didn't tell you. Code purple."

Episode 44 "Wants and Needs"

Marina and Gosia discuss Mark Best:

"Your friend hung around a while but he must have got sick of waiting. // What friend? // Mark Best. // Who? // You know, the guy we met with you at the pub. // He came in here? // You didn't tell him that I'd look at his throat? // I didn't see him. // Well I told him you went on a medivac. // He's not my friend. // You were at the pub with him, you introduced us. // But I don't know him. He just started talking to me five minutes before you arrived. // So you don't really know him at all? // Tell you the truth, I thought he was a bit strange."

Episode 45 "Boy Scout"

After Tom comes back to work, Julia gives him an ultimatum:

"It's my job and I have to do what's best for the patients. So, go back to your ward Tom, or else go home. // I can't. // Okay, I'll call security and they can escort you out of here. // Please don't do that. Look, I can't go home, I've got nothing there. This is it Julia, this is it. If I give this up, what 's the point? When I walk out of here, it's all over. I've got nowhere else to go."

Julia reacts to Arch wanting to force Tom out:

"You want to have Tom put on the impaired practitioners register? // I don't want to, I feel I have to. Look I've got nothing against Tom, I've actually grown to quite like the guy. But you know and I know he can't continue working here, for all the obvious reasons, and you don't seem to want to do anything about it. I think you've lost your objectivity on this one Julia. // You're right, I have. But ultimately I know, better than anyone else, I know that if we force Tom to leave this department, it'll kill him, and I am not ruthless enough, or brave enough, or just plain objective enough to do that. Are you?"

Episode 46 "True Colours"

Julia returns to Tom's house to find him looking through a pile of old photographs:

"Are you in there? // That's me, four years of age. // So cute. // Weren't you an only child? // The other kids are my cousins, we went to visit them. // Why are you sitting on your own? // I was in disgrace. // Why? // All the other kids were playing Indians, they had secret passwords, all that sort of stuff, but they wouldn't let me play. So I did a poo in their teepee."

Marina returns to Arch's house after her lunch with Mark Best:

"You can stop pretending to read, I saw you at the door. // So. // Are you stalking me now? // You're a long time taking him home. // We were just talking // About what? Are you going to see him again? // No // Why not, what did he do? // He didn't do anything, I only saw him so he wouldn't press charges against you. // And does he know that? // Probably. I told him I wasn't going to see him again. // How did he react? // He was fine, but I'm beginning to think that you're the one with the problem. // Me? // Well you've been moody and weird for weeks, trying to act tough. I don't know who you're trying to impress Arch. // Well if you hadn't been acting so neurotic and paranoid I wouldn't have been trying to protect you in the first place. // Protect me? Who do you think you are? For God's sake grow up! // Okay, you know what, if I'm such a liability why don't you find somewhere else to live. // What? // You heard me. Why don't you move out, you're the flatmate from hell anyway."

Gosia to Arch about Marina:

"Go on, call her. The sooner you apologise, the sooner we'll all be put out of our misery. // You think I'm in the wrong? // I would have poured the milkshake over your head. // I can't understand how I could have done something like that. // Possessiveness, insecurity, mistrust, envy. // What? // All the classic signs and symptoms, you even punched out the competition, which in itself is an essential feature in making the diagnosis. You want her yourself."

Episode 47 "When People Love You"

Gosia to Evie:

"Evie, most of the people who come through these doors want to live, I'd say 99.9 percent of them. They're desperate to live, desperate to survive no matter what sort of crummy life they come from. But then you get people like Mr. Reynolds, down on their luck, full of self pity, with no respect for themselves or anybody else. They're a lost cause, save your pity for someone who deserves it."

Gosia and Evie:

"I've had too many ODs spit in my face for ruining their stone, and too many attempted suicides go out a week later and do it properly, and none of them give a stuff about the people who have to clean up after them. My job is helping people to live. // I don't think anyone should die without thinking someone cares. // Well, when you have seen as much as I have, and you are as old and jaded as I am, you'll change your tune. // Maybe. I don't think I'll ever be that old."

Gosia "helping" Marina with her relationship with Arch:

"It happened to me once. // You slept with your best friend? // Of course I slept with him. He was a man, I was a woman. We were great mates, it's the most natural step to take. Well, that is of coarse, unless you're planning to go into a convent. // Well what happened? The friendship, was it over? // Over? Why should it be. Friends and sex, it does work you know. It can even happen in reverse. // What? // Well I slept with a bloke once just for the lust of it and we ended up really good friends. A doctor here as a matter of fact… Arch."

Tom and Julia (he left the hospital and she's been looking for him):

"I just needed to be by myself for a while. // By yourself! I didn't know whether to call the police or the hospital. What were you doing? What were you thinking? For all I knew you could have been lying in a ditch somewhere. I even counted the morphine in the fridge in case you… // In case what? In case I topped myself? I've just been told I've got even less time to live and you thought I was going to kill myself? // I didn't know what to think! // Well I'm sorry, I should have rung. // So am I! I didn't mean to yell, oh yes I did. Damn you for doing that to me! Damn you, Damn you, Damn you! Marry me"

Tom and fellow cancer patient Wendy (Priscilla is her doll):

"Well I hope Priscilla gets better very soon. // She will, do you know why? Because everybody loves her, and when people love you nothing bad can ever happen to you."

Episode 48 "God's Greatest Gift"

Gosia and Arch:

"Things didn't go too well with you and Marina last night? // She gave me the old 'can we still be friends' line, more or less. // And you said 'no we can't' more or less. Great move. // I wasn't prepared all right. She was a nun before, I'll give her some time. They're cool these orders now a days, priests marry and stuff. I'll see her and we'll work it out. // Which order did she join? // Ah, the Sisters of the Holy something. // Oh, well they're all Holy something. // Holy… Savior. // Well they're a really cool one Arch, if you're lucky you'll be pen pals. They're like what catholic mothers threaten their daughters with, they're a closed order."

Mother Superior to Marina:

"I think probably that's the greatest gift God gave man, love. Not just for Him, for each other. I think often we sully it, misconstrue it's simplicity, it's purity. Will any loved ones be attending today? // [Marina shakes her head] // That's a shame."