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Jane Hall

Mum's the word

There must be something in the water on the set of Marshall Law as two stars reveal they're expecting

Actress Jane Hall confesses there's been some serious cover-up work going on behind the scenes of Marshall Law—all in the interests of hiding her rapidly expanding tummy!

The gorgeous star is expecting her first child with long-time partner, The Secret Life of Us actor Vince Colosimo, around the end of the year.

"I'm carrying around a lot of legal folders—put it that way," Hall reveals. "I've also been wearing a rather large overcoat for many of the outside scenes. But they've been great here. They've just shot around it."

Jane, 31, who plays ruthless barrister Prue Staley on the new show, says working through pregnancy has been an enjoyable challenge. "It's been difficult at times to balance long television hours with a pregnancy, but I've had nothing but great understanding from the cast and crew of Marshall Law, so it's been made easy as possible for me," she says.

Also helpful has been the support of co-star Alison Whyte, who is currently expecting her second child.

"We've had an hilarious time just vacuuming up the food and sitting around watching our bellies growing," Jane chuckles. "It's been great. She's a terrific girl and it's been nice to have that support."

Once her baby is born, Jane plans to take a couple of months off, after which she is confident Marshall Law will be given the green light for a second series. "I'll be back with a fairly small baby, but we can work around that," she says. "This is not the end of the line for me. I think it (motherhood) can only make you a better actor.

"I just feel it's an amazing life experience to go through and you're richer for it.

"You have so much more to bring to your work on a personal level."

Partner Vince is equally excited about the impending arrival, says Jane. "I think we'll both be very good parents. I don't have a worry in the world about his ability to cope.

"I can't wait to meet our baby; it will be lovely," she says excitedly.

In the meantime, Jane says she has relished playing the brash character of Prue, a dramatic departure from her standard "nice girl" roles.

"I've had an absolute ball," she says. "Prue's a pretty objectionable sort of person—not very nice.

"It's been a real thrill for me to play someone a bit edgy, annoying and certainly larger than life. She's one of those really frustrating women whom I'm sure we've all come across at certain times."

In upcoming episode, Prue finds herself in a bind when forced to investigate a "B&D (bondage and discipline) adventure gone wrong".

By Jackie Brygel
October 2002
TV Week