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Legally Fun

It was a case of inspired entertaining when Channel 7 threw a bash for new show, Marshall Law, about two sisters who both work as lawyers, and whose lives get tangled up, both professionally and personally. Held on Thursday night at Rutherglen House in the city, an unusual private home decorated with many a stuffed animal, the evening's entertainment also included gals dressed up as sexy lawyers and drag queens singing a Supremes medley, supposedly denoting the power and sexiness of women.

Lisa McCune and Alison Whyte play the sisters, and though Alison appeared in another, smaller role in the pilot, the powers-that-be surprised her with an offer to play the lead.

"After the pilot, I said I wanted to do all my scenes with Alison' s character, so I was happy when she got the part," says Lisa.

What about the story that Kerry Armstrong was unhappy with Seven's decision to cast a younger actor as the sister? "That kind of thing happens all the time,'' says Lisa. "It worked out for the best, I think. I know someone who saw MDA and said they couldn't imagine anyone but Kerry in that, and they also couldn't imagine anyone better for this role than Alison. I think Kerry's fine about it."

Is Lisa worried about ageism in the industry? "I'm more worried about being trapped in a certain role," she says.

Meeting Lawyers as part of her research, Lisa says, "I was struck by how funny everyone is, and how much humour there is in law. This show reflects that."

William McInnes plays the QC ex-husband of one of the sisters. The actor, who was in both SeaChange and Blue Heelers, says that the appeal of the show was working with the women in it.

By Rachelle Unreich
July 20, 2002
Melbourne Herald Sun