Marshall Law: about


McCune, McInnes Whyte, McCune

Lisa McCune, Alison Whyte and William McInnes lead a stellar ensemble cast in this new drama series.

Marshall Law is a cheeky view of two sisters juggling the personal with the professional as they make their mark in the fascinating and often humorous world of a city Magistrate's Court.

Lisa McCune stars as Junior Prosecutor Ros Marshall. More experienced at life than the law, Ros has a reputation as a party girl but she's proving herself to be just as gutsy in her pursuit of justice. She may have a lot to learn but she's got great instincts and a dogged will to succeed, as long as that doesn't rule out having a little fun along the way.

Alison Whyte plays her older sister, freelance barrister Verity Marshall who's recently entered the highly competitive independent bar. A chronic over-achiever, Verity's glossy exterior hides a highly-strung temperament, made all the more volatile by an ex-husband who knows exactly how to push her buttons.

William McInnes is that ex-husband. Dylan Boyd, son of a western suburbs butcher, is now one of the city's most successful QCs. He rose to the top thanks to Verity's family connections but their stormy relationship didn't last the distance.

The series follows the two sisters as they get involved in the great melting pot of cases that pass through the Magistrate's Court on a daily basis. We meet the other lawyers, the judges and the police who make up their world; with whom they share the combat, the laughs and, of course, the occasional romance.