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Cowell predicts an end for Love My Way

The ground-breaking Foxtel drama Love My Way could be coming to end, writer-actor Brendan Cowell says, but then he not so sure.

The third season of the drama premieres on Monday, February 26.

In its two seasons the show has won just about every major peer-voted television award in Australia, while critics have bowed to its quality writing, acting and commitment to reflecting the reality of being a thirty-something today.

But the show's producers, including actor Claudia Karvan and the man instrumental in bringing Australian drama back to the fore with his involvement in shows such as Dangerous and The Surgeon, John Edwards, have been vocal about not wanting to wear out their welcome.

Love My Way's achievements already stand for themselves, says Cowell, who has written several season three episodes and features prominently as misfit Tom Jackson, so why push it.

"This is most likely the last one," Cowell says.

"But at the same time, that's what we've said every season.

"Then a few months pass and we're all out of work, looking for something to do, no jobs are taking our fancy, then we think, 'Gee, that thing we were doing was good, let's see if we can give that another go'."

Cowell is preparing to shoot scenes for the final episode of season three at the white house in Sydney's eastern suburbs, which was sold in series two.

His character, Tom, a lost soul in a mode of self-destruction, returns to the house to reflect on the past.

Tom finds a confidant in the show's newest addition, Simone, played by Justine Clarke, but during the series he comes to realise his best years may well be behind him, and were probably spent at the house.

Cowell hints other key characters will join him later in the day to reflect on their own lives.

It sounds like a pensive yet poignant end to a short-lived, but much-loved show.

But while there is a hint at resolutions for the characters, Cowell promises there will be plenty of loose ends - and maybe a fourth season.

February 16, 2007