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Claudia Karvan at desk

New role… Claudia Karvan on the set for Love My Way in The Sunday Telegraph office last night.

Claudia is in the news

IN the dog eat dog, bloody, sweaty and tearful world of filling gossip column inches, it’s not often a story walks right past your desk.

Short of whispering in our ear, it happened yesterday when Claudia Karvan shot a 10-part drama about, ooh, 50 metres from Confidential’s desk.

The former Secret Life of Us star transformed into single parent and newspaper illustrator Frankie Paige, as part of Love My Way being filmed at The Sunday Telegraph office.

Karvan said the space was a production designer’s dream. “It adds so much more to the production values—and there’s lots of interesting reading material in between takes.”

Karvan, who is also co-producing the series, stars alongside Dan Wyllie, Max Cullen, Lynette Curran and Damon Gameau.

“It’s going really well,” Karvan said. “It’s a joy to see it all come to fruition. So far we’re on schedule and cracking lots of gags.”

June 22, 2004 The Daily Telegraph