Produced by December Films Australia for Beyond Properties, December Films and MBP for the Seven Network Australia

Executive Producer: Tim Brooke-Hunt
Producer: Tony Wright, Stuart Menzies
Directors: Chris Langman, Helen Gaynor, Declan Eames, Ralph Strasser
Produced: 2001 (52 x 12 1/2 min)

Li'l Horrors is a puppet sitcom set in a spooky old house owned by Morbidda Bates, a retired horror movie actress. The series follows the misadventures of the Li'l Horrors as they squabble, tease and laugh, and generally have a monster of a time. In many ways, it is really just your average school for Li'l Horrors. It is classsy and comical and packed with monsterly fun.
Starringas the voice of
...Cleo Patra
...Webster Swampson
...Medusilla Venimski
...Duncan Stein
...Vladamir "Vlad" Bloode
...Claudia Howell
...Ratso Risotto
cast photo

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