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CHANNEL 7’s Last Man Standing may not have hit its straps yet, but star Rodger Corser is hopeful of making a second series.

Corser, who is rehearsing for the stage musical Leader of the Pack, said he wasn’t too worried about the lacklustre ratings figures for the show’s first two episodes.

“We’re just finding our audience,” the rising star said.

“Even though we’ve done publicity, it takes a while for people to realise there’s a new show on the air. It will take three or four or five weeks for that to filter through, but the people I talk to all say they really love it.

“And people aren’t just saying it’s great, they’ve got a reason why it’s great.”

Corser said he intended to ensure it had a future.

“We’d just love to do a second series,” he said. “From the beginning, it was with a view to hopefully doing three series.”

As we wrote last week, the show may be suffering in the ratings but that is no indication of the product.

With a playful sense of humour, and quality acting, writing and production, Last Man Standing deserves to succeed.

Unfortunately, Channel 7 has a reputation for axing shows before they get a chance.

So it’s fingers crossed among the cast and producers that LMS doesn’t end in the same fate.

Either way, the multi-talented Corser should do well from the show. His return to the stage, after a lengthy role in Rent, will be in the 1960s-era Leader of the Pack.

Also starring John Paul Young and Amanda Harrison, the show is the story of Ellie Greenwich, the woman who wrote hit ‘60s songs.

Leader of the Pack opens at Melbourne’s Crown Casino on July 12.

June 20, 2005
The Herald Sun