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Kath, Kim, Sharon, Brett and Kel

Look at them: Kath and Kim, plus Sharon, Brett and Kel, will be back for a new series starting next week.

Look at moy, we're back

IT was the most-talked about series on television last year, and Kath and Kim will have everyone talking again when it returns to the ABC on Thursday week.

Kath, Kim, Kel, Sharon and Brett are all back, looking fabulous in their clothes from Savers in Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

Because of the success of the first series, there was pressure on creators Gina Riley and Jane Turner to come up with the goods.

As with last season's wedding storyline, there will be a running theme in the show.

Turner said there was more pressure because they wanted to make a series just as funny for all those Kath and Kim fans.

"It was hard coming up with as gripping a story as the wedding," she said. "We just tried to make it as funny as it could be but also keep it as real as we can."

Riley said the best way to get over the pressure was to just work hard.

"I suppose when the talk was happening I felt a bit removed from it," she said.

"The best way to get over that worry of what people will think is to get back to work."

All the main characters are back, including the infamous Toorak shop assistants Prue and Trude.

The shopping centre scenes were filmed at Fountain Gate, not Southland as in the last series.

There are surprises, including a nude scene in the first episode for newlyweds Kel and Kath.

In some of those scenes, Turner used a body double.

As for Kim, Riley said her alter ego's fashion sense still shines.

"Kim's taken a leaf out of Kylie's book, and she thinks she's top notch in those cargos," Riley said.

And has Kim's attitude improved? "Kim has her own special way of coping, not like most people," Riley said.

"She's still as selfish as ever."

At home, Riley often wears a Kim apron while cooking for the family.

September 09, 2003
The Herald Sun