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Michael and Gigi Edgley

Gigi Edgley and her famous father Michael embrace the limelight.

Kath & Kim's $3m TV coup

KATH & Kim is moving to commercial TV, with the new series being sold to Channel 7 for $3 million.

The deal ends months of rival networks battling to woo the Fountain Lakes "foxy morons" away from the ABC.

Seven was not the highest bidder in the cash war, but was chosen because the sought-after comedians wanted the biggest audience.

The new series, to screen later this year, will see the suburban divas take a holiday to warmer climes and search for a school for Kim's "gifted" toddler, Epony Rae.

Kath (Jane Turner) and Kim (Gina Riley) said they were looking forward to returning to Seven as its canteen food was far superior.

"Seven's promised us we're going to be in the stable and Kim belongs in a stable," Kath said.

"We schmoozed. We did our fair share of schmoozing. We were just entertaining chief executives with cardonnay and nibbles.

"I think when we got Kerry Stokes in the spa at the Buckingham and he was legless, literally that was the clincher," she said.

"They're paying us literally hundreds of dollars per episode. (The ABC) could only afford $10."

The multi-million dollar deal will get Seven at least eight episodes of the hit comedy with possible further series to follow.

It also gives Seven a flagship program in its ratings battle with Nine.

Seven programming director Tim Warner said Kath & Kim would be the network's most heavily promoted show.

"These characters were born at Seven (on Big Girl's Blouse) and Seven's going reasonably well at the moment," he said.

"This will add to the momentum and obviously we're stoked about it."

Confirmed guests include Shane Warne and Matt Lucas (Little Britain). Other big names are being chased.

"We couldn't let Sharon near Warney basically because she just wanted to see his flipper and he didn't want to expose it," Kath said.

The would-be empty-nester said the celebrity she would most love to meet would be Chris de Burgh.

"He won't return my calls," she said. "Maybe it's because I called him Chris de Bird. Maybe he was offended."

Kim said she would like to diversify into a Jerry Springer-style show, while Kath planned to go on Dancing with the Stars "as Pauline Hanson".

Magda Subanszki, Glenn Robbins and Peter Rowsthorn will return for the fourth series.

Rick McKenna, a producer with Turner and Riley, said the move to a commercial station meant they could make the fourth series bigger and bolder and film off location.

By Liam Houlihan
April 01, 2007
Sunday Herald Sun