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Kath & Kim: the movie?

Look out Fountain Lakes, Kath and Kim may be about to break into movies. Well, a telemovie anyway.

Kath & Kim exective producer Rick McKenna said the foxymorons were on a prolonged break but were considering several options for the future of the show.

"The trouble is Jane (Turner) and Gina (Riley) went straight from doing season two into season three, and so they just need a rest," says McKenna.

"I mean, they are also writing and producing, doing the DVD production and media calls, they're pretty busy."

The many options Turner and Riley are considering for the award-winning ABC TV comedy series include some one-off TV specials, a fourth series of the show and yes, even a telemovie.

But for right now, the focus is firmly on Kath & Kim's free-to-air UK debut, on BBC2 on May 12.

"The show's been on over there before, on cable, but it's the first time it's on prime time, free-to-air television, which is great news," says McKenna.

And before a single "Look at moi" is even uttered on BBC 2, the foxy duo have the critics in the UK intrigued.

British reviewers are describing the show as everything from a take on The Office, to Ab Fab, The Royle Family and Neighbours.

By Michelle Johnson
May 06, 2005
The Age