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Star career in its infancy for Kath and Kim baby

SHE may grow up to be effluent. She may even turn out to be the next Kylie Minogue. But life for the smallest star of Kath & Kim is noice and the world is already her lobster.

Epponnee Rae, the only child of hornbag Kim and hen-pecked husband Brett, is miles away from the real life of Emma Le Boeuf, who plays the baby in the popular ABC TV program.

At just nine months, Emma is proving a natural before the cameras.

The only problem is when baby Epponnee is scripted to be crying because baby Emma is always grinning.

Unlike Epponnee, an only child, Emma is the third child of Megan and Troy and has two older sisters, who watch excitedly when they see the baby on television.

And unlike her big screen character, Emma does not have to put up with a mum that tells her, "Not now, Epponnee, it's mummy's turn".

"Being third on line, she is a very placid and very relaxed baby," Ms Le Boeuf said.

Emma was chosen from hundreds of Epponnee hopefuls, her gorgeous looks and angelic personality able to withstand seven-hour shoots.

Kim has already proved a savage stage mum, getting into a fight when little Epponnee failed at her first performance on Bub's Idol.

However real-life mum Megan is more relaxed with her daughter, who is on the books at Bayside Modelling agency.

By Kelly Ryan
November 30, 2005
Herald Sun