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Jane Turner, Gina Riley planning more Kath and Kim

KATH and Kim fans rejoice. The foxy ladies from Fountain Lakes will be back with more Australian shows and probably a new series.

The show's executive producer, Rick McKenna, said Mr McKenna said Jane Turner and Gina Riley were in pre-production mode.

"Certainly they're keen to do another Kath and Kim project," he said.

"At the moment they've got 4 1/2 episodes in their heads."

Mr McKenna said Turner and Riley, his wife, love playing Kath Day-Knight and Kimberly Craig after six years, 32 episodes and a telemovie.

"They've got their own style of creating," he said.

"It's like sitting at the Vatican waiting for the smoke to come out of the chimney."

Channel 7 is the team's preferred telecaster.

The American version of Kath and Kim premieres in the US next week and will screen on Channel 7 from October 12.

The reviews are in and they are not "noice".

US industry magazine Entertainment Weekly gave the show a C minus, saying it fell well short of the Australian original with "obvious jokes and scant hilarity".

The review said Saturday Night Live star Molly Shannon, who plays Kath, was wasted in the show.

The harshest criticism was reserved for starlet Selma Blair, who plays Kim.

"In the Aussie series . . . Kim had a greedy self-centredness that sparked fun. But the US Kim, addicted to TV gossip shows and Doritos, is played by Selma Blair as though a vacant stare is the same as a classic slow burn. It's not."

By Colin Vickery
October 04, 2008
Herald Sun