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Kylie with Jane Turner

Tying the knot: Neighbours meets Kath & Kim as Kylie Minogue guest stars in the final show of the series.

Kath and Kim and Kylie

POP superstar Kylie Minogue has finally tied the knot.

But it was not the charms of brooding French actor Oliver Martinez that saw Minogue finally venture down the aisle.

Rather, Minogue donned a Neighbours-esque wedding gown for her guest role in the comedy hit Kath and Kim.

Minogue appears in the final episode of the third series for just three minutes.

But she steals the limelight from Kath and Kim’s stars Gina Riley and Jane Turner, taking on the raucous role of Epponnee-Ray [sic] on the day of her wedding.

Minogue, who filmed the role during a secretive 12-hour block at the ABC’s Ripponlea studios, harks back to her Neighbour’s nuptials by donning a white satin gown with “ny-oice” puff ball shoulders and high a lace neckline.

The front of the distinctive “that’s ny-oice, that’s different, that’s un-ewes-yewl” gown skims the hip line, falling to a long, tiered train.

Thigh-high, white PVC boots and a frilly suspender complete the “classy” look.

A highlight of the wedding reception is Kim singing a slightly under-the-weather karaoke version of Minogue’s hit Red Blooded Woman.

‘Minogue’s rapid-fire appearance finishes with her uttering: “Mum, look at moiye, Kath, look at moiye please, everybody look at moiye. I have one word to say to you…”

The Melbourne-born pop superstar has long been a fan of the ABC comedy, which has been met with great success in the UK.

The singer’s appearance on the show came after she mentioned, during a promotional tour earlier in the year, that she would love to play a role in the series.

The episode will air on Thursday November 25, at 8.30pm on the ABC.

By Fiona Byrne
October 31, 2004
The Herald Sun

Kylie with Jane Turner and Gina Riley

New girl on the block‧ Kylie Minogue as she appears on Kath and Kim.

Noice to have Charlene back in the neighbourhood

POP princess Kylie Minogue has stepped back in time to take on a role that leaps into the future in the ABC hit comedy Kath and Kim.

Minogue appears to pay homage to one of the biggest weddings in Australian soap history, that of her Neighbours character Charlene to Jason Donovan’s Scott, in her much hyped cameo in the current series.

The popette will appear in the final episode of the third series on November 25 as a grown-up Epponnee-Ray on her wedding day.

Her three-minute moment was filmed over 12 hours amid tight security earlier this year after the series’ creators Gina Riley and Jane Turner learned of the performer’s love of the show.

Since her 1987 TV wedding, Minogue has constantly transformed her image.

But as these pictures show, she seems to have effortlessly slipped right back into it.

Her soft wavy hair has gone back to its ‘80s-perm best and the sex-kitten looks have given way to what might be simply summed up “noice”.

Although her vowels are more rounded these days after many years living in London, Minogue slips straight back in to Strine to deliver one of the catch cries of the show—“look at moiye”.

Other famous faces that have appeared this series are Mark Holden, Rachel Griffiths and Geoffrey Rush.

By Naomi Toy
November 01, 2004
The Daily Telegraph