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Gina Riley and Jane Turner

Mum's the word... Kath And Kim's Gina Riley and Jane Turner

Hornbags just dags

KATH & KIM "hornbags" Jane Turner and Gina Riley say their most prized role is motherhood.

But their role as TV stars is not always appreciated by their children.

"My son doesn't like the Kel and Kath dramas," admits Turner, who plays Kath, mother of the invariably disagreeable Kim (Riley).

Kath is married to Kel (Glenn Robbins), a butcher who prides himself on his talents as a sausage maker.

"When Kel and Kath did the nude car scene, (my son) was cursing that he wouldn't be able to go to school," recalls Turner.

Speaking ahead of their telemovie Da Kath & Kim Code, airing on Sunday night, the co-creators and co-stars of the hit comedy offer a reminder that behind their alter egos, they are both ordinary women.

"Like everyone else we still have to get up in the morning, pack the lunches and get the kids to school," says Riley, a mother of one.

"The only difference is that we get stared at in the supermarket!"

Kath & Kim has been the ABC's top-rating program since its debut in 2002.

In the show's first two seasons the mother and daughter from Fountain Lakes won the Logie for Most Outstanding Comedy Program.

Series one also picked up three AFI Awards - for Best Television Drama Series, Best Screenplay in a Television Drama and Best Actress in a Guest Role in a Television Drama Series (Magda Szubanski).

The comedy has been sold to the UK, US, New Zealand, Singapore, Finland, South Africa, Canada, Iceland and Fiji.

For Riley and Turner the success of Kath & Kim rides primarily on the humour and the realism of the characters they portray.

This also inspires them to keep writing.

"Going for the next laugh is what we strive for," says Riley.

"The show has to make us laugh first. We don't go for the (television) ratings."

While in the past pop princess Kylie Minogue has guest starred in the series, and singer Delta Goodrem has admitted to being a huge fan, Riley and Turner are celebrating having Dame Edna Everage creator Barry Humphries star in Da Kath & Kim Code.

"That was the biggest coup," says Turner.

"As a comedian there is no one bigger then Barry," adds Riley.

"He is the absolute top."

Canadian crooner Michael Buble also makes an appearance.

"Having Michael in the show was amazing too because he is such a heartthrob," said Turner.

"You do get a bit starstruck though," admits Riley.

"You also get nervous because you have written the script and you think 'I hope they like it'."

While "foxy ladies" Riley and Turner have chosen to do the telemovie instead of a new series, they remain tight-lipped about penning another script.

Turner admits that there is always the fear of failure.

"There is always that fear that it's not going to be as good as the last one," she said.

"You get sad when you read critics (reviews) that haven't been great. You start wondering what you did wrong."

Riley feels the same pressure.

"We have had all these fears since we started but now it feels like there are more eyes on you and a lot more people watching," Riley said.

"We just try to remain positive and for now we will have a break and won't even talk about it (writing something) until next year."

November 25, 2005