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Kath and Kim could go to commercial television

LIKE all hornbags, Kath and Kim are very popular girls - so much so that they could be set to leave the ABC, which made them famous, for one of the commercial networks.

The foxy ladies from Fountain Lakes are believed to be being wooed by the Seven and Ten networks in a multimillion-dollar bidding war for the smash-hit comedy.

After three series and the telemovie Da Kath and Kim Code, creators and stars Gina Riley and Jane Turner are no longer contracted to the ABC.

Kim Dalton, the ABC's recently appointed head of television who spoke at a film and TV industry conference on the Gold Coast, admitted the national broadcaster was in danger of losing its most popular comedy show.

Mr Dalton said a new series of Kath and Kim was in the pipeline but the ABC might not be able to match rival offers from the commercial networks.

While Riley, Turner and executive producer Rick McKenna had "an absolute loyalty to the ABC" which had made Kath and Kim household names, it might not be enough to retain the comedy duo.

"We'd love to do another series of Kath and Kim and we've been talking to them but there's no deal stitched up," Mr Dalton said.

"The reality is that they're producers and actors and if there was a really good offer to them, and it was one that we couldn't match, then I guess they would be sorely tempted to go with a network.

"Obviously, we want the best for the show and the best for them (Riley and Turner) because they're great people and they've been great for us."

By Greg Stolz
November 17, 2006
The Courier-Mail