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Foxy ladies return

KATH and Kim have started on the third series of their hit comedy.

And, contrary to some claims last week, the show will be seen on the ABC, not Channel 9.

“We’re extremely happy at the ABC and I have no idea where that speculation started,” Gina Riley told the Herald Sun.

“There was never ever any thoughts of going to Nine. We are contracted to the ABC.”

As with the first two series, K&K will again be written and produced by the show’s stars, Jane Turner (Kath) and Riley (Kim). The difference this year is that the series comes under the control of their new company, Riley Turner Productions.

The company will not only continue to produce Kath & Kim, but will develop projects.

“Having our own production company is great because it means we now have control of our own destiny,” Riley said.

“Plus the fact we always felt we were the bossy ones, anyway.”

Riley and Turner have finished writing all the scripts for series three and are set to start filming.

Regulars Glenn Robbins, Peter Rowsthorn and Magda Szubanski also return.

And there is a chance that Kylie Minogue will be a guest star.

Series three will screen on the ABC this year.

By Robert Fidgeon
May 31, 2004
Herald Sun