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Kath and Kim foxing about future at Channel 7

TO be Kath and Kim, or not to be? That's the question for Gina Riley and Jane Turner, with Channel 7 desperate for an answer on the future of the most successful local comedy series in Australian history.

The ladies of Fountain Lakes are not certain if they will return to TV, take a rest -- or even go on a live national stage tour.

They have told Seven they won't return from holidays until March, at the earliest.

That means it would be impossible to deliver a new Kath and Kim series next year.

Executive producer Rick McKenna, Turner's husband, said both parties were happy with the relationship.

"Gina and Jane never lock into a series until they have a good idea of what they want to do, and even then they will still pause and reflect," he said.

"A project is never subject to a deal for them -- it is about Gina and Jane feeling it is good enough and that they have a strong idea for a project, and that may be something other than Kath and Kim.

"Kath and Kim have not been ruled out from another project, but whether that is a live stage show or a new series has not been decided.

"They may well be rested."

Kath and Kim is an 18-month creative process.

Both Turner and Riley were exhausted after filming this year's series.

They can afford a break after selling rights to the series in the US.

McKenna said other Turner-Riley projects were possible on Seven after June.

"But they may not disappear off screen as Seven still has rights to repeat episodes from the ABC series," he said.

"That is in their hands."

Brad Lyons, Seven's head of program development, said the network had great respect for the pair, who spearheaded the network's first ratings win since the 1970s.

"We'll definitely be talking to them," he said.

By Marcus Casey
December 13, 2007
Herald Sun