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Selma Blair blasts Kath and Kim US critics

HOLLYWOOD star Selma Blair has revealed she is shocked by an Australian-led blogger backlash about the US version of Kath and Kim as NBC extended its order of Yankee foxy morons from six episodes to 13.

The Cruel Intentions star, who will play Kim opposite Saturday Night Live comedian Molly Shannon, said she was surprised at criticism by fans of the show.

"Some people are really protective and horrified that we're doing it in the United States," Blair said.

"It's a case of, 'How could you? Oh my god, you might ruin it'. But what's to ruin? You're still going to have your great show in Australia - we're just paying homage to it. Nothing takes away from the original."

Blair, 36, revealed the US version, which was originally set in Phoenix, Arizona, was now set in the sprawling suburbs of Florida.

"We're middle-class, celebrity-obsessed, tabloid-crazy and kind of superficial," she said. "We think we are so fabulous and we're not really, at all.

"My mum Kath (played by Shannon) is wonderful and perky and positive and I'm a complete downer."

Like the Aussie series, Kim moves in with her mum after separating from her husband.

"I'm a pretty juvenile character - I'm in my mid-to-late 20s, but I dress like I'm 13," she said.

"I think I'm a trophy wife but my husband works at (electronics chain) Best Buy. I'm a bit delusional."

Blair revealed she gained 9kg to take on the role played by actor-writer Gina Riley, whose character loves tacky fashion.

"I was never going to let myself get, like, very big, but it was important to let myself not have any bones showing because it was a very Midwestern, middle-America diet and the girl's always eating," Blair said.

"The joke is I wear the same clothes from when I was 13 and when I sit down there will be a big roll over my shorts and I call myself the hottest thing. There will definitely be the appearance of a thong or two.

"She's always on the couch eating Doritos so I did that for a long time and I put on 20 pounds."

Peta Hellard
July 02, 2008
Herald Sun