Producted by Jonathan M. Shiff Productions Pty. Ltd.

Executive Producer: Jonathan M. Shiff
Director: Paul Moloney, Chris Langman, Brendan Maher, Mark De Friest, Mike Smith

Aired: 1992 (26 x 30min)

Kelly, a professional police dog, is badly injured while on duty with his partner, Sgt. Mike Patterson. Forced into temporary retirement, Kelly stays with Mike Patterson's son and his family while he regains his strength. But those detective instincts are not easily forgotten. Kelly joins 13-year-old Jo Patterson, her friend Danny and various exotic animals from the neighbouring animal preserve in their many adventures. As a four-legged detective, KELLY proves to be a formidable crook catcher and a faithful companion to his two young friends.
Charmaine GormanJo Patterson
Alexander KempDanny Foster
Gil TuckerFrank Patterson
Ailsa PiperMaggie Patterson
Katy BrinsonDr Robyn Foster
Anthony HawkinsMike Patterson
Matthew KetteringhamChris Patterson
Joseph SpanoBrian Horton

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