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Part 1


May 25, 1997 (Seven)
Written by Deborah Cox and Andrew Knight
Directed by Robert Marchand

It is 1966 and Catherine Macaleese is counting the days. Catherine is restless. She believes she was born in the wrong town and the wrong country. Her father, a distant childhood memory, has been living in England and Catherine is sure her future lies with him.

Richard Turner, an aspiring journalist, decides to travel to England with his mate, Keith and try his luck on Fleet Street. Richard promises his fiancee, Sandy that he will be back within a few months.

Heather Randall is Catherine's cousin and closest friend. She puts her marriage plans on hold and joins Catherine on the Oriana heading to England. Heather is going to have one fling before the predictability of her marriage, children and a mortgage.

At the last minute Jack takes Keith's place on the ship. Keith's loyalty to his pregnant girlfriend is more powerful than the chance of a new life.


  • Jacqueline McKenzie as Catherine Macaleese
  • John Polson as Richard Turner
  • Rebecca Gibney as Heather Randall
  • Jeremy Sims as Jack Gill
  • Jonathan Firth as Terence Foster-Burrows
  • Jerome Ehlers as Simon Seymour
  • Josephine Byrnes as Ann
  • Alison Whyte as Barbara


  • Kym Gyngell as Spider
  • Susanne Chapman as Sandy
  • Susie Edmonds as Lillian
  • Jim Daly as Ted Rowlands
  • Alexandra Sangster as Lucy
  • Jan Frazer as Mrs Turner
  • Dennis Miller as Mr Turner
  • Janet Dale as Mrs Macaleese
  • David Brandbury as Mr Macaleese
  • Valentina Levkowicz as Mrs Randall
  • Mathew Quartermaine as Macka
  • Geoff Paine as Keith
  • Tim Robertson as Charles Reed
  • Norma Brown as Teacher
  • Michael Carmen as Sandy's Father
  • Matthew Green as Macka's Mate
  • Paul Glen as Mr Gill
  • Terry Brittingham as Police Sergeant
  • Tom E Lewis as Koori
  • Jane Hall as Sue
  • Bridie Carter as Dianne
  • Neild Schneider as Dodgy Sailor
  • Myles Collins as Gordon
  • Derek Richards as Martin
  • Richard Aspel as Academic at Party
  • Nicole Nabout as Plastic Woman
  • Larry Hunter-Stewart as French Waiter
  • Ross Mueller as Shaggy Haired Man
  • Maureen Andrew as Relative Singing
  • Brian Lang, Craig Nicholson, Larry Groves & Michael Grabowsky as Showband
  • Roger O'Conner as Mr Randall
  • John Murphy as Derry & Tom's supervisor