Informer 3838: episode guide

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Part 2

Monday, April 27, 2020
574,000 viewers (17th)
Written by William Lawrence, Matt Ford
Directed by Ben Lucas

Informer 3838 is based on the sensational story of Nicola Gobbo who was the go-to defence lawyer in Melbourne’s deadly gangland wars, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Carl Williams, Tony Mokbel, the Morans and the Carlton Crew while she acted as a police informer on her own clients. While Nicola Gobbo knew the underworld’s dirty secrets, they had no idea of hers. She played both sides and risked everything to double-cross many of Australia’s most notorious gangsters. Informer 3838 goes behind the headlines to show how Nicola Gobbo’s secret double life helped police win the gangland wars, which triggered a Royal Commission and left her in fear of her life.

Reeling from the murder of an informer, Nicola Gobbo vows to bring down Carl Williams and help police win the gangland war. Her actions set her on a collision course with the crims, the cops and the entire justice system.


  • Ella Scott Lynch as Nicola Gobbo
  • Stephen Peacocke as Paul Dale
  • Jane Harber as Susan Ryket
  • Rhys Muldoon as Terrence Hodson
  • Gyton Grantley as Carl Williams
  • Robert Mammone as Toby Mokbel
  • Richard Davies as Kevin 'Juicy' Jucirovic
  • Tim Ross as Gary 'Chikka' Berich
  • Ian Bliss as Simon Overland
  • Olympia Valance as Emma Darlington
  • Laila Thaker as Leah Lanzini
  • Travis McMahon as Mr L
  • Jacquie Brennan as Christine Hodson
  • Jasper Bagg as Rod Collins
  • Salvatore Coco as Steve Moore
  • Luke Lennox as Prison Mate
  • Kayden Hartcher as Matthew Johnson
  • Alex McTavish as Ditty Dale
  • Peter Hitchener as Nine News Presenter
  • Dion Williams as Alex Kipiani
  • Ben Knight as Tudge
  • Haydn Evans as Police Admin Officer
  • Megan Drury as Police Lawyer
  • Soren Jensen as Nicola's Lawyer
  • Chris Shelton as George Williams
  • Connor Carthy as Hoodie Man
  • Adam Hetherington as Journo #1
  • Scott McQueen as Journo #2
  • Mat Stevensen as Police Van Driver
  • Erik Pobucky as Police Minder #1
  • Cecilia Low as Police Minder #2
  • Rowan Francis as Prison Guard #1
  • Carla McLeish as Nicola Stunt Double
  • Richard Williams as Police Driver
  • Hayden Stewart as Police Driver
  • Carla McLeish as Christine Hodson Stunt Double
  • Adam Kanngiser as Police Driver
  • Marky Lee Campbell as Police Driver