Executive Producer: Jonathan M. Shiff
Producer: Ann Darrouzet
Story Editor: Greg Millin
Directors: Michael Carson, Mandy Smith, Richard Jasek, David Cameron
Writers: John Coulter, Jutta Goetze, Robert Greenberg, David Hannam, Marieke Hardy, Sue Hore, Michael Joshua, Peter Kinloch, Helen Macwhirter, Kris Mrksa, David Phillips

Aired: 2001 (26 episodes)

Thirteen year old Lauren Parker is bracing herself for a really grim holiday. Her mother has remarried and has dragged her halfway around the globe to an unfamiliar country where she is adjusting to a new stepfather and an irritating little stepbrother. Could things get any worse? Of course they could! On Christmas Eve two Nelfs (Santa's helpers) jump off the big man's sleigh, through Lauren's roof, and into her life.

Three foot tall, grumpy and over two hundred years old—Horace is the world's greatest mischief maker. His elder sister, 271 year old Tina, is an incurable romantic who loves to meddle and give advice. When they fall into Lauren's life, she discovers she is the only person who can see them. How will she keep the existence of her two bizarre house guests secret, without her family and friends thinking she's going crazy?
canadianJasmine EllisLauren Parker
 Matthew ParkinsonSteve Tate
 Jordan WhiteMax Tate
 Carolyn BockKimberley Tate
 Frank GallacherThe Voice Of Horace
 Jackie KelleherThe Voice Of Tina
 Carl LennieTJ Knox
 David SacherLachlan Watson
 Hannah GreenwoodAnnabel Delaney
 Terry NorrisErn Watson
 Bonnie PiesseAlicia
 Leverne McDonnellMiss Blood
 Matthew DyktynskiWarwick Bell
 Sean ScullyMr. Reed
 Isabella DunwillMargaret
 Jeremy StanfordD.I. Clifford Knox
 Ben StivalaSlamdunk
 Rebecca MoutienHarmony
 Aljin AbellaJosh
 Julian JonesSpike
cast photo

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