Produced by Crawford Productions

Executive Producers: Hector Crawford, Ian Crawford, Terry Stapleton
Producer: Alan Hardy
Directors: Chris Langman, Paul Moloney
Writers: Roger Moulton, Peter Hepworth, Andrew Kennedy, David Philips, John Reeves, Galia Hardy

Aired: 1985, 1986 (Ten)

series 1: Two city teenagers find their world plunged into chaos following the tragic death of their mother. They land in the custody of their uncle, the young local cop in a sleepy fishing village called Haven Bay. at first they find the country hostile and its people unfriendly… but gradually they make friends — firm friends — with Cowboy and his gang. They share their adventures, their schemes, their triumphs and disappointments, and they learn to love the country. But the kids have an enemy. Their mother left them a beautiful, undisturbed piece of land called Henderson's Point. A local businessman want the Point — and he'll resort to any trickery to get it. (12x60min or 24x30min)

series 2: When Tamara and Steve Henderson left Haven Bay, they came to the city with their father, Wal. For the last two years they've been travelling, settling for a short time and moving on. Wal's been looking for the right business to buy into, and the right environment to live in. He's found it in Westport, a tough yet picturesque harbourside suburb. The Henderson kids have found a more settled life… or have they? (12x60min or 24x30min)
Nicholas EadieMike Henderson (1)
Paul SmithSteve Henderson (1, 2)
Nadine GarnerTamara Henderson (1, 2)
with (series 1)as
Mark HennessyColin "Cowboy" Clarke
Ben MendelsohnTed Morgan
Kylie MinogueCharlotte "Char" Kernow
Bradley KilpatrickBrian "Brains" Buchanan
Antoinette ByronPat Edwards
Peter WhitfordAshley Wheeler
Ron ChallinorRutt Jones
Andrew GastonAndy
Jane HallRegina Powell
Tottie GoldsmithGlynnis Wheeler
Annie JonesSylvia Wheeler
Conor McDermottroeBarry Osborne
Neil MelvilleCharlie Barton
John LarkingSgt. George Budd
Diane CraigAlice Henderson
with (series 2)as
Anita CerdicCarol Summers
Nathan CroftMarty Summers
Bradley KilpatrickBrian "Brains" Buchanan
Marieke HardySally Marshall
Alex PappsVinnie Cerantonio
Michael AitkensWal Mullens
Louise HowittHelen Marshall
Paul HallMick Dalton
Liz RuleMiranda Kilsyth
Nicholas CreedTrevor Cathcart
Belinda DaveyMrs Kilsyth
Khym LamAhn Nguyen
Ross ThompsonHarry
John JacobsSpider
Dean NottleRon Sinclair
Gregory RossBoyd
Doug BowlesJavorsky
Chris WrightRooster
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