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Headland's solid debut

New TV drama Headland attracted more than 1.3 million viewers when it debuted on the Seven Network last night.

The program unusually launched at the end of the ratings year, will screen over the summer months to bed down an audience.

It was the seventh most watched program overall last night, behind Dancing with the Stars which had 1.84 million viewers, Today Tonight, Home and Away, Temptation, All Saints and National Nine News.

"We are very happy with the opening nights audience figures for Headland," Seven spokesman Simon Francis said.

"This is a program that builds and settles into a very strong storyline and character development. The opening episode is always the hardest."

Headland will screen on Tuesday and Thursday nights until the end of the month, when ratings officially end for the year, and will then air three hours each week.

The drama is set in the fictional small coastal township of South Heads and stars Libby Tanner, Conrad Coleby, Josh Quong Tart, Sam Atwell and Jody Kennedy.

November 16, 2005