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H2O - Just Add Water

Quality Australian children's show tells of three girls who are magically turned into mermaids.

Trapped on a mysterious island off the Gold Coast after a naughty nautical adventure, Emma (Claire Holt), Cleo (Phoebe Tonkin) and Rikki (Cariba Heine) swim to freedom through an underwater channel. But the full moon has a magical effect and the girls now find that contact with water turns them into maids - and not the parking-metre variety.

Even better, each has a magical power over the H20 - just the ticket when they're being hassled by the resident bad boy.

This first episode sets up the story, so it's occasionally slow but there is the promise of many adventures to come.

It's a quality piece of Australian children's television - it looks good, the three female leads are engaging and there's some lovely underwater photography.

By Clare Morgan, Reviewer
July 06, 2006
The Age