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Arcadia comes to the Bay

SYDNEY'S Canada Bay Council has rarely been out of the news since it was created last year—due to disharmony between the elected councillors, including a physical altercation at one of the meetings.

So it seems somewhat apt that the council area will be used as the backdrop for the filming of the second series of the ABC's local government comedy Grass Roots.

The first series of Grass Roots was keenly watched among local government circles, because of its ability to capture many of the petty problems and bickering among the lowest tier of government.

Canada Bay Council was created in December last year through the messy and unpopular merger of Drummoyne and Concord councils.

The ABC applied to use the former and now almost empty Concord Council Chambers for $2500 a week between November and March.

Councillors on Tuesday night were happy to sign the deal, which will put about $50,000 into the municipal coffers.

"The building would be portrayed as the offices and council chambers of our fictitious Arcadia Waters Council," says the letter from Grass Roots location manager Bevan Childs.

As well, parks and foreshore areas in Canada Bay are likely to be used for scenes.

Because of the fact that most of the elected councillors ran on a campaign to de-amalgamate the newly created body, Canada Bay Council has had a rocky start and at one stage voted that the council should not even exist.

The second series of Grass Roots is expected to go to air in the second half of next year.

The Daily Telegraph
October 12, 2001